Hi ladies, I’m one of the motivating mums for June and I have lost 22kg with Lose Baby Weight.
I started my weight loss journey in October 2014 when my son was 10 weeks old. My before picture was taking at my son’s christening, a friend posted it on Facebook the day after the christening and when I saw it I cried and cried. I ordered my first lot of smoothies that very day and have never looked back!
Lose Baby Weight-22kg Loss
At that time I was in a pretty low place. I had done IVF to fall pregnant with my daughter and had gained a lot of weight during that process. Amazingly I was blessed to fall pregnant naturally with my son just 5 months after my daughter was born.
28_day_challengeI still hadn’t lost weight after having my daughter and just piled even more on the second time around so after he was born I felt horrible. I was tired, uncomfortable and embarrassed and sadly have very few photos of myself with him from his first few months because I just couldn’t stand to look at myself.
I started with very small steps, I dragged my rusty old exercise bike out and every night after the kids went to bed I did 20 minutes while I watched TV and each night I pushed myself to make it just a little further than the night before.
I started having two Lose Baby Weight smoothies per day (yummmm!) and signed up for my first 28 day challenge in November.
I absolutely love the 28 day challenges! I have to admit I am yet to stick to the meal plans 100% for the whole month but that comes down completely to me being unprepared, the meals are all delicious and the fact that you can customise your menu is a great help!
For me the workouts are the biggest help, I love the variety they provide each day and am especially enjoying the new pilates workouts which are way more challenging then I had thought they would be.
With the help of the Lose Baby Weight smoothies and the 28 day challenges I have now lost 22kg and am the lightest I have been in my entire adult life. I am now only 4kg away from my goal weight and am hoping I can smash that out this month!
So far my biggest challenge has been going back to work in February and trying to still fit in exercise with two young bubs (ages 10 months and 2 years).
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I have had the odd week where it just hasn’t happened and everything has fallen into a bit of a heap but each time that has happened I’ve found that by going back to basics with my daily smoothie and workouts from the 28 day challenges I’ve been able to get back on track without too much damage and have even managed to lose a further 8 kg since then.
One massive achievement for me has been starting to run!
I have always despised running, even as a teenager when I was quite fit and swimming competitively I was still hopeless when it came to running. I was however determined to give it a go and made it my goal to get to a point where I didn’t absolutely hate it and I can now proudly say I’m there!
I’m still a long way from running any marathons but I do try to run 3 to 4 mornings each week and somehow am starting to really enjoy it, it’s my time that’s just for me and I’ve come to really look forward to that.
I’ve now registered to do a 5km fun run coming up in July and my goal is to be able to run the whole way without walking.
I will be forever grateful to the Lose Baby Weight program for helping me to regain my confidence.
I absolutely never thought that it would be possible to see these numbers on the scales again but seeing all of the other success stories on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page gave me to motivation to give it a go so thank you thank you thank you to all of the mums who have been brave enough to share your stories, you are so inspiring and should be mighty proud!
Thank you to the Lose Baby Weight team for selecting me to be a motivating mum for this month, I am looking forward to sharing some of this journey with you all and hope that I can provide a little motivation along the way J
Sarah xx

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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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