My name is Sandra Gee and I am one of your 100 days of summer motiving mums. So far I have lost 16.5kg* on the 28 day challenges and Healthy Mummy smoothies and I am feeling better than ever.
Lose Baby Weight 16.5kg Loss

Weight loss can be slow – you know those times when the scales don’t move but your measurements do, or the times when both the scales and measurement stand still? Well I’ve had those plenty of times throughout my journey.
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It is easy to let those moments get to you and to turn to the chocolate – I have done this too, just like many of you may have. But I promise the more you practise self-control, the easier it will become to manage these moments in a healthier way. Even when your husband has a whole cupboard full of those yummy comfort foods!
I am lucky to know why my weight loss can be slow – PCOS and Insulin resistance, and endocrine and metabolic disorder affecting many women.
For me, goals have to be very realistic and partnered with a positive disposition of meeting it and then some. For example, during the 100 days to summer period I aimed for a 5kg loss and to be able to walk 5km with my double pram within an hour – I am proud to say I met both of these goals.
And so I have entered the 100 days of summer with the goal of getting to double digits and I have all the tools I need. Tools that have gotten me this far, further than any ‘fad’ diet!
Get your FREE recipe sampler from the Feb 28 Day Challenge here
Or you can join the challenge directly here
First I have the yummy Healthy Mummy smoothies so I can start my day off with a nutrient rich meal. With so many variations you can never go wrong and when did you ever think you could start the day with a guilt-free snickers, bounty, or cherry ripe if you wanted to?!
I also have my 28 day challenge membership and I am loving the Belly Buster challenge. I am so super-duper excited about this challenge because my belly has ALWAYS been a trouble area for me and eating foods that will prevent and fight bloat is a key to targeting the area and to losing weight for me.
In addition to the menu are the challenge exercises that are the perfect quick workout for time poor mums.
They help you lose weight, strengthen, and tone all in one which to me is PERFECT!
Another tool of my success is the 3 Day Cleanse ebook. Whenever I hit a standstill, this gives my body the little nudge it needs and gets the ball rolling again.
I have done it a few times now and have seen fabulous results. It is also a great tool if you go a little crazy over the silly season. And for me feeling clean in body, makes for a clean and positive mind!
Sandra xx
Get your FREE recipe sampler from the Feb 28 Day Challenge here
Or you can join the challenge directly here

Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

Mums lose an average of 4-6kg* (8-13 pounds*) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
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Lauren Lost 11kgs* with the 28 Day Challenges
Lose Baby Weight- 11.9kg Loss
Lauren says: “That was, until I started my first 28 day challenge in July 2015.
I have managed to lose 7.9kg over three challenges and have gained so much knowledge about healthy eating.
With the help and support of the Lose Baby Weight team and all the mums in the private support group, I am now only 1.7kg from my goal weight.”
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