Hello Healthy Mummies and Welcome to February! We are Mel Briggs and Samantha Woods and we have teamed up for FebFriendzy as the Lose Baby Weight motivating mum team for S.A


Hi everyone, how exciting is Feb Friendzy! I am Mel Briggs and I am so excited to be teaming up with my buddy Samantha this month.
I am 32 years old and a mum of 3. I have a daughter who is turning 3 in April and twin boys who are 5 months old.  I’ve spent my whole adult life with my weight yo-yoing. When I was in my late teens my weight was averaging around 68-71kg when I was a competitive swimmer, but after I stopped swimming my weight has kept creeping up over the years.

I have had some success with weight loss at various times, but then fall back into bad habits which I am now working on breaking.
Since finding Lose Baby Weight, I finally have found something that I know I can stick to long term and although I am a work in progress I WILL get there with the support of Lose Baby Weight and the fabulous weight loss program they have.
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I started my first pregnancy at 97kg and by the end of it I was 120.5kg. I heard about Lose Baby Weight when I was pregnant and a few months postpartum I decided to give it a go and I now absolutely love everything about Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy.
Using the Healthy Mummy programs I lost 23kg following the birth of my daughter going from 112.6kg down to 89kg. I was so excited that with that weight loss, after 4 years of marriage I was able to finally fit back into my wedding dress on our 4th wedding anniversary.
Soon after this, I then fell pregnant with my twins and unfortunately due to morning sickness and then just the physical demands the twin pregnancy had on my body, I struggled having a healthy pregnancy and I went from 89kg up to 126.1kg on the day I had my boys.
So here I am again, commencing my weight loss but this time I am on a mission to get to my goal weight of 72kg and work on staying there. I restarted my weight loss mission on 28th Dec at 115.8kg and at the time of writing this blog I am 4.8kg down.
Looking forward to February and working along with my buddy Sam to bring that down even more and get another step closer to my ultimate goal.
I hope that everyone else has a fantastic month and if you haven’t yet done so, find yourself a weight loss buddy to help you through the month of February too.
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Hi Healthy Mummies!!!
Wow, February already how fast has that come around?! First let me introduce myself. My name is Samantha Woods and I have four young children (all under five- go me lol) and I’ve been following the Lose Baby Weight lifestyle since the birth of my first son almost three years ago (see my before pic). Like Mel, I’ve also been blessed with twins.
I’ve struggled with my weight for what seems like my entire life but with Lose Baby Weight I have learned so many skills to help keep me on track.
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I never used to be an active person. In fact, I did everything to avoid exercise but, little by little, I have grown to love it. I make it my “me time” now and it’s a luxury to have that time just to focus on myself. Which, let’s face it, as mums we deserve but very seldom get unless we MAKE the time.
My most recent pregnancy was my healthiest ever and I was even at the gym the day before my son was born (the old me would have laughed at the idea of that scenario let me tell you!!).
I find now that I’m excited to learn new things, try new food and get out amongst the world.
My fitness has never been so good and my circle of friends has never been wider!! This includes all the lovely ladies I’ve met, followed and been inspired by on the Lose Baby Weight support group page.
Mel and I have teamed up this month (more than ever before) and I hope you find our stories, journeys, posts this month to be relatable and most importantly inspiring and motivational.
I’m looking forward to finally getting to my ultimate goal weight in 2016 of 60kg (which is what I weighed on my wedding day) and I’m going to work especially hard this month to make February count. Let’s smash this month and do it together…..let the Feb Friendzy begin!

Why We Chose To Team Up

We actually live in different states, Mel in SA, Sam in NSW. We met randomly mid 2013 after our March & April 2013 pregnancy groups formed a post pregnancy weight loss group.
Since this time, we have been motivating and helping encourage one another with weight loss.  If one of us is going through a lull and the other is going well, we will help bring the other out of the lull.
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Although we have never met in person (one day we will change this!), we chat often on facebook and been following one another’s Lose Baby Weight journey and so we thought that with both of us on a weight loss mission again following our latest pregnancies in 2015, it would be a great opportunity to team up for FebFriendzy
So this month we hope that we can not only motivate one another to work harder towards our goals but also to help encourage you as well!

What have Samantha and Mel got planned when they team up in February?

We are still piecing together the final details of what we have planned to keep ourselves motivated and pushing ourselves in the month of February. So far we are planning on the following:

  • Checking in with one another daily to see how each other is going
  • Step count, average of 10,000 steps per day
  • Do a ‘long distance’ workout 3 times a week, whether it be challenge exercises together or Lose Baby Weight Exercise DVD or a mini circuit.
  • Drink a minimum of 2litres of water per day
  • Setting personal goals and sharing this with each other to stay accountable
  • Weekly ‘Me Time’ whether it be a warm bath on a Friday night, face mask, mini manicure/pedicure etc.
  • Recalculating our calorie requirements using the Lose Baby Weight BMR calculator and ensuring that we stick to our calorie requirement throughout the month on most days.
  • Trying something new each week like a new exercise activity, a new gym class, walking in a new area. Something to mix it up a bit and make things more interesting.

Thanks ladies!
Samantha & Mel xxx
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