Last year the fantastic Samantha Hastwell shared her weight loss story with us after losing over 34kg on our Lose Baby Weight Plans
And now she is sharing her weight loss update with us  – and she looks incredible!
“I started on the 28 Day Diet & Exercise meal plans and Healthy Mummy smoothies in September 2012 after having my baby boy in August 2012.
I gained a whopping 36kgs. I did carry alot of fluid, however I ate sooo much and put no restriction on myself and my cravings. Apple turnovers and McDonalds being my favourite!
So most of that weight I would say was from a poor diet.

Samantha Hastwell

Pre pregnancy I weighed 54kgs. The week before I was induced at 40 weeks I weighed 90kgs! I also puffed up after surgery and couldn’t even fit into the clothes I brought with me to hospital!!! I had to get my mum to bring new clothes and underwear with her as nothing could fit me so i have no idea how much I weighed after baby.
By September the thoughts of losing weight started and I thought it was going to be so hard and how could I possibly lose 36kgs!!! As I was breastfeeding I also wanted to turn my diet around so I was not only being healthy for myself, I was being healthy for my baby. I considered weight watches and lite n easy but decided I needed the knowledge on what to cook myself vs food that was pre made for you.
I googled losing weight after baby and the Lose Baby Weight site came up, straight away I was sold as it was mothers/breastfeeding friendly (a lot of the others are NOT) so I couldn’t wait to receive my Healthy Mummy smoothie powder and start cooking your recipes.
At first I was very strict and followed your 28 day diet plan accordingly….I have never had so many vegetables and healthy food in my life! I felt so great for it also. Soon enough I was on a roll, smoothie or bircher muesli for breakfast followed by a healthy wrap or salad for lunch and protein and veggies (stir fry) for dinner and fruit for snacks! I also have more of an interest in organic foods, and the natural/organic food isle in the supermarket is now my favourite isle!!!
I like that your program is designed for real mums, who don’t have alot of time on their hands, your receipes are simple and quick but packed with nutritious food that mothers need to sustain their energy especially when breastfeeding. The smoothies are amazing! I now have berries, bananas and yoghurt everyday because of them.
5 months later I got to 56kgs! 34kgs lost. Another two to go and lots of exercise ahead but I am happy to be where I am at right now. :-)
I’m starting back up into my healthy mode again and just ordered some more smoothie powder :-) Next goal is to get as fit and toned as I possibly can through exercise! Will keep you guys posted on that!!!!
Thank you to Lose Baby Weight!  – Samantha Hastwell.
weight_loss_resultsSamantha also had her weight loss story published in New Idea magazine (we were very excited about this!) and you can see the story on the right

Samantha’s Update 9 Months Later

Q. How much weight did you lose on the lose baby weight plans?
A. 34kg
Q. How many kids do you have?
A 1
Q. What was the best thing about the Lose Baby Weight plans and smoothies?
A. They were yummy, easy to make and super healthy!
Q. What is your top tip for other mums wanting to lose weight?
A. Don’t give up on your goals. Stick with it. You will see results soon enough which will keep you motivated 🙂
Q. Have you kept the weight off?
A. Yes
Q. Would you recommend lose baby weight to other mums?
A. Yes! I recommend to any mum that asks how I lost my baby weight.
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