Checking in to wish Rhian and the team a huge Happy 5th Birthday and to also share the progress of my journey which started in September 2012!
What a huge milestone for Lose Baby Weight to achieve, it’s quite phenomenal to think how many women they have helped transform their lives! Congratulations!

As mentioned earlier I started Lose Baby Weight and the healthy mummy smoothies in September 2012. I had put on 36kg from my first pregnancy. It was a huge shock to the system physically and mentally and I felt like I was stuck in somebody else’s body!
I was on the hunt for a product that was specifically designed for mothers and was breastfeeding friendly. I honestly didn’t think I would find anything that would cover those two specific requirements and I luckily stumbled across Lose Baby Weight.
To be honest it didn’t take long to quickly get into my new eating and lifestyle habits. At this stage I would go on walks in the pram but as far as exercise that is all I did.
I was loving the feeling of changing my eating habits and learning so much about healthy food alternatives, making my smoothies and trying all the smoothie recipes until I mastered my favourite berry smoothie, which I still have to this day! (no I’m not sick of it yet lol)
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I have learned so much along this journey and the best part of it was seeing all the other mums stories and really gaining inspiration from them.
Some of these mums had really endured tough times such as break ups, sick kids, unsupportive family members but during all the downs of life they kept going which is such a huge milestone in itself.
It made me realise sometimes it’s not about the weight (that’s just an added bonus) it’s about overcoming life’s obstacles and still believing in yourself and not giving up which as a mother can be hard to do.
I love that Lose Baby Weight is realistic, it doesn’t give off false impressions that you can look like a celebrity in ten days!
The Lose Baby Weight community on Facebook is such a good place to draw inspiration and ideas from other mums as that’s such a pivotal part of the journey.
In four months I had lost 34kgs, I only had 2kgs to go to my pre-pregnancy weight which eventually came off in time.
Of course my body shape changed but I felt like I had achieved my goal already.
I had transformed my eating habits long term.
I had so much more knowledge about food that I never thought I would had.
I also remember I had a goal of being back into my size 10 bridesmaid dress for my Best Friends wedding and I made it in time! I don’t think it really had hit me what I had achieved.
It wasn’t until I had received a phone call from Rhian asking me if I was interested in doing a magazine shoot with the Women’s Day Magazine.
Lose Baby Weight-34kg Loss
I was so excited! I couldn’t believe she was asking me? Why me I thought?
Soon it dawned on me it was a bikini photo shoot!!! Umm I didn’t even feel comfortable wearing a bikini to the beach before I fell pregnant let alone now! What was I thinking???
Rhian made me feel so confident, she made me believe I could do this, that I had nothing to be ashamed of and about what I had just accomplished was a huge deal. My family and friends were also so supportive which of course always helps.
Looking back I’m so proud of what I have achieved.
I love sharing my story and spreading the word to my friends and family about Lose Baby Weight and the healthy mummy smoothies. I’m now 20 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and the weight gain has been slow and steady, completely different to my first pregnancy.
I’m looking forward to continuing my Lose Baby Weight and healthy mummy experience during this pregnancy.
Sam xxx
For a FREE smoothie recipe sampler click here to download yours today
smoothie sampler

Results from mums on our plans

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Cat Lost 30kgs* with the 28 Day Challenge 
Lose Baby Weight-30kg Loss
Cat says: “I love how versatile the recipes are, I am able to chop and change the cuts of meat so it stays within our budget. I used chicken mince the other night instead of chicken breast as I had stocked up while that was on sale and the Sweet Mustard Chicken was amazing!
The workouts are fabulous! Everything you can do on the lounge floor while you have a few spare minutes between loads of washing while bub is napping- no excuses!”
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