Roz decided to follow the healthy eating diet plans from Lose Baby Weight 10 months after the birth of her daughter and has almost lost 10kgs.
I started my journey 10 months after having my daughter due to complications after the birth which delayed any fitness activities until then.
The time frame between my before and after photos is 8 months of clean eating and exercise, no cardio, just heavy weights 4 times a week.
Before weight: 76kg
After weight: 56.7kg
On the days I couldn’t make it to gym I used the exercises out of the 28 Day Eating & Exercise Plan. I found both The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and the 28 Day Eating plan helped, not just in losing the weight but in a number of ways including increasing my milk supply, satisfying my sweet tooth and keeping it interesting at meal times. You can be quite creative and all the food is to die for and quick to prepare which was a big bonus in my eyes when you have one very clingy baby and a husband who works away.
Here are my tips:

  • Add iron: “Don’t spend hours doing cardio all the time -lift weights, heavy weights! Lifting weights increases lean muscle mass which in turn fires up your metabolic rate which burns fat faster (no you won’t look like Arny either!)”.
  • Fish Oil: “Do yourself a favour and grab the packs with fish oil included, well worth the cost as fish oil is great in omega 3 essential fatty acids which is clinically proven for heart, joint, brain, eye and general health.”
  • Be Prepared: “set aside an hour or two once a week to do a big cook up of your favourite meals from as that way it’s all ready in the fridge and all you have to do is put it together”.
  • Each night: ” Before bed set everything out for the next morning i.e: clothes, weights, shoes, water bottle, towel. That way you’re ready to go and nothing will get in the way of your workout”.
  • And last but not least, get a fitness buddy, that way you can both help motivate and keep each other on track throughout your journey and remember it took 9+ months to put the weight on so if it takes a similar amount of time to lose it, don’t stress.

Enjoy your journey and love your body for carrying and nourishing a beautiful baby/ies for so long as it’s a miracle within itself that not many get to appreciate.
Rozlyn Walker
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