lose_baby_weight“During my pregnancy, I put on a massive 21kg of pregnancy weight.
I weighed myself a few days before my daughter was born and I weighed 101kgs!!! When she was a week or two old, I weighed myself again and I had only lost 4kg.
I was really shocked at this as Charlotte weighed 3.8kg at birth! Over the next few weeks I lost another 3kg through fluid loss etc. My weight was then 94.5kg and that is where it stayed.
For the next few months there was no loss whatsoever, despite me trying to eat ‘healthily.’ I began to get frustrated over this and that was when I stumbled across the Lose Baby Weight website. I bought a basics healthy mummy pack and the 28 day diet and exercise plan, and got the 7 day winter warmer plan.
I did the 28 day plan, replacing most of the breakfasts with smoothies, and then did the 7 day plan.
Now I menu plan before I go shopping, selecting recipes from the 28 day plan, the 7 day plan and from the website. The blackboard behind me in my ‘after’ pic is my menu planner – big and where I can see it easily everyday to remind myself!
I have been gradually losing the weight. There has only been one week where I haven’t lost any weight. Every other week my weight and measurements have come down a little bit. I have been doing the pregnancy weight loss plans for about 7 weeks now and I am currently weighing in at 89.5kg – a loss of 5kg! I have also lost more than 12cm from around my body.
I had set 89kg as my first goal weight so I am stoked with this result. I have another 9.5kg to go before my pre-pregnancy weight, and another 2-3kg after that to get to my ideal weight. I am confident I will get there though.
What makes the Lose Baby Weight plans even more impressive is that I have had pelvic floor weakness due to a long labour and I have been able to lose this weight with only low impact, light exercise (pilates once a week, treadmill walking/elliptical and light strength training at the gym once a week and walking almost every day). I have also had a few cheat days/meals which haven’t impacted on my weight loss as I am eating low-fat nutritious meals the rest of the time.
I love that the meals on the 28 day and 7 day diet plans are super easy, varied and taste great, which means that I do not feel like I am depriving myself or am on a ‘diet.’ I love that there are meals that you can easily double the batch and freeze the leftovers for days where I am too tired/too busy dealing with a grumpy baby to make dinner without resorting to having takeaway.
I love that on days when I really don’t feel like eating a salad etc for lunch, or can’t be bothered making myself lunch, I can have a quick and easy healthy mummy smoothie instead.
I love that the smoothies can be made one handed whilst holding my baby, and I can then comfortably eat my breakfast or lunch one-handed while breastfeeding. I love that I don’t have to think about what I am eating every day – my meals are planned out in advance using the plans and recipes on the website. I think my husband loves that he is coming home to a cooked dinner every night for the first time in our relationship!
I have also found that my lifestyle and approach to food has changed – for the first time I am cooking most things from scratch without using packaged sauces/recipe bases and our shopping trolley has changed dramatically – it is now 90% fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, beans and lean meats.
Oh, and my favourite use for the smoothie mix at the moment is Chocolate Soy Milky soy milk (the one in the fridge that is low fat and low sugar) mixed with 1tbls strawberry Healthy Mummy smoothie mix for a yummy treat/snack. It tastes like a choc berry milkshake!
Thank you again, Robyn Parkinson”
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding

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