healthy_eatingMmmm rhubarb. Ruby in colour and tart in flavour, this long stemmed fruit is often thought of as a winter menu staple, when in fact it’s actually in season in summer.
When trying to lose weight and follow a healthy eating plan, we are encouraged to pack our diets full of fruit and vegetables.
Some fruits and veggies however rank slightly higher on the ‘good for you’ scale than others and rhubarb is one of them.
Rhubarb actually contains a whole array of compounds that we don’t usually associate with fruit, including calcium, with one cup of rhubarb supplying approximately 10% of your daily calcium requirements, vitamin K which helps to promote healing, and high levels of antioxidants.
When it comes to fruit, the darker the colour, the more antioxidants it will usually contain, Lycopene is one of those antioxidants and is found in high levels in rhubarb.
Commonly associated with tomatoes, lycopene is reported to help support your immune system and may even be able to prevent cancer.
Rhubarb may also have considerable weight loss powers. Low in calories, it contains catechins, which are the same chemicals that give green tea many of its healthy attributes.
Catechins are thought to help burn fat by speeding up your metabolism. Rhubarb also contains a good dose of fibre for good digestion, which is essential for healthy weight loss.
This yummy compote stews the rhubarb which releases all the good stuff and removes the sometimes too-sour flavour. Apple adds sweetness and another helping of fibre, while cinnamon gives the metabolism a boost.
I love this on my bircher muesli of a morning or served with a dollop of natural yoghurt.

  • 1 bunch of rhubarb, topped and tailed and rinsed thoroughly
  • 2 large green apples, peeled and cored
  • 1 strawberry, leaves removed and cut in half
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 large lemon or whole small lemon
  • 1 tsp stevia
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Chop rhubarb into chunks, approx 2 cm in length
  • Chop apple into chunks approx the same size as the rhubarb
  • Pour the water and lemon juice into a large heavy base saucepan then add the rhubarb, apple and strawberry.
  • Turn the heat to medium and allow to simmer, stirring occasionally.
  • Once rhubarb has started to go stringy, add the cinnamon and stevia and mix to combine.
  • Turn the heat to low and allow to simmer till everything has softened completely.
  • Remove from heat and once cooled, store in a tupperware container with a tight fitting lid.

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