See some of the reviews of The Healthy Calorie Bible from some of our motivating mums who we asked to trial and review the 180 page hand page sized calorie book so you could hear what they said about the book

Calorie Bible

The Healthy Mummy Calorie Reviews
RobynRobyn Parkinson

I think it is a great building block for nutrition knowledge to allow people to learn about what foods they should be eating to be able to make informed choices for themselves – and I really liked all the snack suggestions, so many great ideas!
I think the products listed for the calories is very comprehensive too – great job!


ClaireClaire Morrison

I am very impressed! I would buy this book solely on the basis that it gives you calories and kilo joules of fruit and veg, things that don’t come with nutrition labels!
I love that there are some baking recipes included! I personally love to bake and don’t do as much of it now as it has always been something unhealthy (but oh so yummy)
Well done on producing yet another amazing book. The graphic design is catching and it covers pretty much everything you would want to know!

EmilleyEmilley Kingsman

It is fantastic! As a mum who calorie counts, I found it very informative and easy to work through. It helped me to update some of my knowledge on particular foods and I found the meat and healthy/unhealthy fats section to be of particular interest.
I feel that these topics (meat, unhealthy/healthy fats) can sometimes be confusing grey areas because of the huge amounts of mixed info out there. Seeing the info set out so simply made it much easier to process. I have recently started trying to include more healthy fats in my diet, so this was good to read!
I also like the way that the foods are listed together and grouped according to type. It means that I can easily compare similar foods to help me make appropriate choices.
The fast food/take away/coffee shop section is a brilliant idea! Having that info in your bag will make choosing what to eat when out so much easier! To be able to see the list and compare/weigh up different options is fantastic =)
It is a great little book – Well done to everyone at the Lose Baby Weight Team, it looks like a lot of hard work has gone into creating this!
Emilley xx

NicoleNicole Daniels

I think it’s great. I love that it’s small and you can always have it on hand. I love the layout and how it’s bright and colourful and love love all the pictures. It’s so easy to read and everything is easy to understand. There is so much information but it’s not overwhelming
You can just look up what you need. You have covered every type of food and lots of options. And also how you show things like takeaway and all the unhealthy choices of food but how to choose healthy meals when out. I really like the section on sauces and condiments I know how bad they are but a lot of people don’t.
I don’t count calories but it has lots of great information in which is really useful and informative. You have done a great job as always.

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