Hello I am Renee Cadman, I am 27 years old and have two beautiful girls who are 1 and 3.
I guess you could say I have always had a weight problem and have spent my life ‘dieting’. I am lucky that I love to exercise due to the amazing ‘mental’ benefits!
For me Lose Baby Weight has been a gateway to a much happier and healthier life for me. I started losing weight when my 1 year old was about 3 months old in May 2013.
I began the weight loss adventure starting out at 93KG! I got to 88KG by myself with a change of diet and doing ZUMBA! However I got stuck and needed some EXTRA support, and that support was given to me in a “little Lose Baby Weight pink BIBLE” by my amazing sister in law who thought I would like to do the Lose Baby Weight plan with her.
I had the ultimate goal of a family holiday to Canada (where my husbands family is) in December that year and my goal was to get to 75KG, and I did it..almost, I got to 75.2KG! I was so so so happy.
Over the last few months I have definitely enjoyed the festive season, which I have managed to spread across 5 months! This has meant I have gained 2.1KG and weighed in this morning at 77.3KG!
Instead of beating myself up (like us women tend to do!) I thought, “no wait, look how far I have already come and what a perfect time to become Motivating Mum! and to celebrate losing 16kg so far!
I am looking forward to taking on this role of Motivating Mum as i am very lucky to have a very supportive network of people around me, particularly my husband and my mum (who is also on the Lose Baby Weight plan – never too old to lose that baby weight!).
I hope that I can get to my ultimate goal weight of 68KG, I want to motivate you all, however I want you to motivate me! I feel totally accountable and love the challenge.
Chat with you all soon:)
Renee Cadman
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