Renee Evans loses an over incredible 24kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for February.

Hi my name is Renee,
I am 24 years old, married to my best friend and mummy of two boys.
I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle, working and studying around the clock, starting my day with an apple slice and an energy drink and cans of coke during the day to keep me going, I was smoking nearly a packet a day and I was going through two ventolin puffers a week on average.
A year later, I fell pregnant with my second baby, I tried to eat as healthy as possible but still put on alot of weight.
When my son was born 9 months ago, at full term I was 116kg and decided it was time for a change.
I started walking everyday and watching what I ate, I started to see some results and started feeling better about myself.
I then fell off the band wagon when I was offered an opportunity for a quick non maintainable quick fix.
I was spending a lot of money on products that got me in a head space that because of this i shouldn’t have to exercise or eat right.
Meanwhile I was a member on Lose Baby Weight Support Facebook Group and had seen lots of posts but made excuses of why I wasn’t ready for that either.
Then I decided enough was enough for the 3rd time, I started training at a boxing gym and started eating right.
I started becoming an active member on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook Group and the support I received was incredible.
I continued to work hard training and eating right and some morning I would have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie if I did not have the time to make breakfast.
Since then I have started seeing results and I felt stronger and fitter then I ever have in my life.
I’m currently doing the January 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and I’m having so much fun with it, I lost 400grams the first week and the second week 600grams second week and I’m still breastfeeding my baby and milk supply is great.
Im sitting at 91.6 and im so happy with myself.
I would love to become a Motivating Mum to help other mums that feel like i did.
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