Firstly I wanted to start by saying what an honour it has been getting to be one of your Motivating Mums for April. I have loved sharing my journey with you all and reading about yours along the way.
I have now lost over 15kg with Lose Baby Weight and feel amazing!!
Lose Baby Weight
I came into April on a two month plateau. My weight remaining around 64.5-65.5 kilos. I can now announce that I weighed in at 62.1! For me I have loved the extra accountability that being your Motivating Mum gave me.
I didn’t want to feel like I let anyone down so therefore I sat down and reassessed everything. So I thought I would share a few things that I think helped break my plateau.
Firstly I sat down and wrote out some new goals, got back to basics and logged and tracked everything I ate using the amazing Lose Baby Weight calorie bible, and finally decided to completely mix up my exercise routine.
I really encourage everyone to sit down and think about their goals. Previously I really didn’t have any. All I had was my starting, goal and five kilo mini goal weights in between and that was it.
However my April goals were a lot more specific and I think that was the key.
My main inspiration becoming the number 63.9 as that saw me no longer being classified as overweight, my other goals related to committing to exercise 5 times a week, getting enough sleep, drinking my 3 litres of water and sticking to my April 28 day weightloss challenge meal plans.
Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
After setting my goals it became pretty obvious that whilst I was doing the right things my body had became too used to my new way of life and I needed to seriously shake things up again.
Instead of my usual exercise which was mainly running I decided to use my treadmill for walking up inclines, I made use of my free time by walking to local parks and playing with my three kids using the equipment, running up stairs or swinging on the monkey bars and just having lots of fun so it didn’t feel like exercise.
When the kids were tucked in bed I committed myself to completing at least one segment of the healthy mummy post pregnancy exercise DVD and finally ending the night with the stretch and relax segment.
Something I have never done before and I now love the peace and quiet and look forward to the alone time.
I found it to be the perfect way to unwind after a busy day and prepare me to do it all over again.
The final overhaul was my daily Healthy Mummy smoothie, water intake and food. I can be a fussy eater at times. Therefore I tended to stick to the same foods which I know I like.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I challenged myself to try new recipes, trying new foods and smoothie combinations. I must admit I really enjoyed it!
There was not one meal that my family turned their nose up at and refused to eat. I no longer feel like I’m bored and stuck eating the same foods.
I have access to over 800 recipes in the challenge hub so thought that it was about time that I utilised them. I cannot express how important and how good I felt when I started to up my water intake either.
It was hard at first but I truly believe its one simple swap that everyone can manage and will see huge benefits from both inside and out.
Now that the month is nearly at an end and I have taken my final progress shots I must say that even I have surprised myself at the transformation in this month. Not just by my results on the scales and breaking my plateau but I also got out my goal outfits as it’s important to access your progress in other ways to.
My shorts that once didn’t fit now do up and a dress that was so tight I couldn’t walk in now fits nicely.
So to anyone else that is stuck in a current plateau I just want to let you know to keep going, to push yourself, take yourself out of your comfort zones, keep yourself accountable and finally if you have the chance then apply to be a Motivating Mum it’s definitely something you won’t regret.
Rebecca x
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Lose Baby Weight- Food
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