RecommendedRebecca Brown Review, Midwife, Bachelor of Midwifery
“From a midwifery perspective I’ve enjoyed reading over the cookbook,  28 day plan and calorie counter.
These resources in addition to the Healthy Mummy smoothie powder and exercise DVD are excellent tools for new mums.
The information provided in your products aligns with the health promotion conducted within hospitals. 
I have tried to think of a group of people that this would not be appropriate for but I have found that quite difficult.
Those who may not have much money are still able to access recipes online as well as other motivational information.
I think that the healthy mummy program would be beneficial as a preconception tool as well as a healthy eating plan for women at high risk for gestational diabetes in addition to the intended purpose.
I would be confident to advise clients of your website and program as a part of antenatal and postnatal care.
Rebecca Brown