A huge thank you to Nadia Montgomery for sending in her feedback about our new Healthy Mummy Range and how she is going on our healthy eating and weight loss plans. 

Nadia’s Healthy Eating Story

Hi Rhian,
Received my pack last week – thank you for the fast delivery.
i tried them straight away- i could smell it through the parcel as the lady was handing it to me at the door.
the scent was divine it was the mix between the mint chocolate and the strawberry powder.. yum… ( womans dream :P)
i did herballife last year for around 3 months and i lost alot of weight it was fantastic. but it was hard and unpracticable at times.. the cost was higher because of all the extra bits and pieces you needed.. and it meant travelling or going to work was just too ridicolous with all the little containers i had to bring in.. meaning i fell off the band wagon quickly 🙁
i feel much more confident now that you have created this new smoothie.. it makes it sooo much easier with travelling and work with everything already in the mix.. its much more convenient having it all combined as sometimes i would forget or just grab something at the shops because it seemed like so much prep work to cart around everything..
i have trialled it already at work.. i brought in a piece of fruit to just have while im drinking my shake.. and i just had the strawberry mixed with rice milk.. it was soooooo goood..and i was having something sooo good for me 🙂
the vanilla is fantastic too this one i usually have before i leave for work – its so versatile and it tastes 1000000x better- usually i mix this little guy in with some banana and sprinkle a teeny bit of cinnamon and have it whilst on my way to work.
i wasn’t going to start my smoothies till after i got back from the holidays.. but with the new improved formula i have no excuse now.. its so easy to just throw the tub in and pick up some milk at where ill be staying.. along with bringing my shaker to create it …
thank you for creating this new range.. it tastes sooo much better.. and its much more easier for us working mothers who have timed breaks etc …
im also a lover of chocolate.. i get sooo bad that i cant stop eating the block 🙁 – i only ever eat milk.. i did buy some chocolate mint buttons.. and was absolutley shocked that they tasted terrific… i have even been good and only had 2 since i started…:D
I started healthy mummy on friday last week….. and I have already lost 2.1 kilos…
im starting to feel great and energetic.. and i even did all my chores in one day that i would usually space out over a couple due to bad health leading to low energy .. 🙂
thank you so much 😀
Nadia xx

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