Each week we will be running a competition in the Private Facebook Group for mums to send in their Real Mum videos. Some of the videos will be published on the main Facebook page as well as within the private group.rhian thumbnail
Here are some tips to follow to make sure your entry gets included into the competition:

  • Film your video horizontally. If using a smart phone to film, turn it on it’s side.
  • Ensure you film in a well lit room with lights above you or in front of you behind the camera. If you have a window behind you close the curtains so the light behind you is not making you look darker and shadowy.
  • Try to keep videos under 2.5 minutes duration
  • State your name and how much weight you have lost with Lose Baby Weight so far at the beginning of the video. So something along the lines of “Hi my name is X and I have lost Xkgs with Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Challenges and today I’m going to show you how simple it is to (insert your demonstration)”. See example videos below.
  • Remember to BE CONFIDENT and speak clearly
  • Also please don’t have any commercial songs playing as background music for workouts etc as we will be unable to publish your video due to copyright.

Topics we would love to see in your videos:

Once you have created your masterpiece there are a few ways to get your entry in. Firstly try emailing your video to [email protected] but if your video is too large to email here are a few other ways to send a large file:

  • Dropbox – Upload your file. Right click on your video file and click “Share” and send the share link to [email protected]
  • Google Drive – Upload your file. Right click on your uploaded file, click “Share” then click on “Get shareable link” and email shareable link to [email protected]
  • One Drive – Upload your file. Right click on your video file and click “Share” and choose “Get Link” option. Click “Create link” and send the generated link to [email protected]

Winners will be announced in the Private Facebook Group each week.