Today’s REAL MUM STORY is from Christie Lee.  Christie is a Healthy Mummy consultant with 4 beautiful daughters.  She suffered the most extreme case of mastitis with her first born which lead to her being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression.  With the right help and support Christie went on to learn how to manage her diagnosis and master breastfeeding.  Here is her story……
real mum stories surviving mastitis
“I had my first baby girl young, I was 21 and had no idea what to expect. I thought I would have my baby, we would bond, I would easily breast feed and live happily ever after but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Sadly I developed such a bad case of mastitis but kept getting told to keep trying, feed through the pain, do what’s best for the baby stop thinking of yourself, I started to resent the people around me, my baby girl and started o feel an unwavering depression creep in and make itself at home in my head.
On the third week of feeding through the excruciating pain my daughter started coughing up blood. 
After a hysterical call to the ambulance and a thorough check over, the wonderful ambulance officer discretely asked me if my nipples were bleeding to which I burst into tears and told him they were not only bleeding but were so inflamed and infected they were a mess.  After checking them for me the officer told me he was surprised I didn’t have blood poisoning! He then told me I had been feeding my baby blood, no milk just blood and I was distraught.
He then went on to say he thought I may be suffering post-natal depression and gave me a number to call; he had been with me for less than an hour.
I rang the number about a week later when I started having terrible thoughts about life and my beautiful, perfect little girl who just needed her mumma. I had started to bottle feed but the depression was still quite severe so I knew I had to get help and I did.
I was diagnosed with PND and bi-polar disorder and I was put on medication and within the month I now found this beautiful little human being a blessing and started to bond with her.  Over the next 3 years I went on to have 2 more little girls and had to be medicated soon after both births, I developed mastitis with both of them and although I did try to feed I was unable to but I didn’t let it ruin my bonding time with them, I loved having my little girls in my arms no matter how they were fed.
Unfortunately the girls dad and I broke up and I became a single mum to 3 young girls which was hard but we made it work with the help of my mum and step dad, I then met the love of my life and 7 years after my last baby was born I fell pregnant with Amarlie-Briallen and was prepared this time!  With the help of some amazing midwives and a mental health care plan I was able to successfully bond with my beautiful little girl and breastfeed!  real mum stories coping with mastitis
had to combination feed but I was breast feeding like an old pro, no mastitis and even though my nipples cracked and the pain was horrible at times, my midwives and lactation specialists got me through it and I succeeded in feeding my baby for 4 months.
After my milk dried up and I stopped feeding Amarlie I decided two things, I wanted to lose the weight in a healthy way and be proud of how I lost it and I wanted to be medication free and then I found lose baby weight through friends.  I started to follow the meal plans and exercises on the 28 day challenge and I felt better within weeks, so much so that I weaned off the meds and started controlling my bi-polar disorder with a healthy diet and exercise which I didn’t even think possible! I started losing the baby weight and me energy was through the roof!
My only regret is that I didn’t find LBW earlier so I could have tried to boost my milk with the smoothies and the milk boosting recipes,  but I am happy I made 4 months’ worth of milk out of my body that I had never treated all that nicely beforehand. 
I will always have bi-polar disorder and I may one day need medication to help control it but as it is, I have been medication free for over a year and plan on staying that way for as long as possible following the healthy eating plans and exercise routines from the 28 day challenge. I now tell new mummy’s two things, firstly, do not wait until it is too late to ask for help, there is absolutely no shame in admitting we need help. PND is a mental health disorder and needs to be addressed and discussed openly and candidly.
Secondly, a happy, healthy mummy means a happy healthy baby and with how much easier the 28 day challenge and the Healthy Mummy smoothies makes life for a new mum it’s an absolute no brainer!
Christielee xx”
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Christie and it is amazing to hear how well you are doing now.  Keep it up and keep smiling.

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