pregnancy_weight_lossWe Just LOVE to share the Lose Baby Weight success stories to help inspire and motivate other mums that they can do the same – and to show mums that fast weight loss after you have had a baby isn’t sensible and that a healthy eating and sensible approach WILL get you to your goal weight.
And yes, none of the mums on our weight loss plans have rapid weight loss over a few weeks – but instead have steady and consistent weight loss over a number of months – with some bumps along the way, but they get there, and they get there the right way and the healthy way – which also ensures the weight stays off and means that you can still lose weight safely when breastfeeding.
And today we were sent in these INCREDIBLE weight loss results from Rachelle Price who has done an incredible job of losing over 28kg and she looks amazing! Thank you so much for sending in your results Rachelle and well done on such a fantastic health and weight loss result!

Rachelle’s 28kg weight loss

Since I have been on the Lose Baby Weight plans and smoothies I have gone from 84kilo down to 55.5 kilo that’s a total of 28.5 kilo and I feel a lot healthier.
The things that I found most helpful on the Lose Baby Weight plans were the daily emails about things like the foods to boost your metabolism and the foods to avoid because they were high in fat and to avoid things with a lot of saturated fat and the daily results from other mums helped me alot it kept me motivated.
Lose_baby_weightThe plans have changed the way I eat alot i have cut out having sugar in coffee and tea i stopped eating white pasta, bread and also cut out junk food such as takeaway.
Before I had started the plans I had never stepped foot in a gym and now I go 4 days a week and I take my daughter for walks do zumba so now I exercise alot to make sure the weight stays off for good. So far I have managed to keep all the weight off which is such a relief I am now 4kilos lighter than what I was before I had my daughter.
I have so much energy and I look in a mirror and I can actually smile as i am happy with what I see staring back at me everyone that I see asks me if I have always been skinny and yes I have until I had a baby lol.
I have recommemded the plans to alot of people who are having trouble losing weight it works why not give it a try what do you have to lose. It’s hard work losing baby weight I never thought that I could do it and all of us mums are living proof that it can be done if you have motivation and support from family.
All I can say is never give up it takes time and trust me you will get there just be patient and keep on going
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