‘I just want to say thank you to Lose Baby Weight for making such an enjoyable 28 Day Eating Plan which has been so effective in helping me become a healthier version of myself!
During my pregnancy with my second son I gained 24kg through comfort eating all the wrong foods.
I told myself it was ok because I was pregnant and that I would worry about that later.
Well February came and we welcomed another gorgeous boy into our family.
When he was 6 weeks old I started searching for something to help me sort out my diet that wouldn’t affect my milk supply.
I breastfed my first until he was 14 months old and didn’t want to jeopardise my milk supply by ‘dieting’.
A friend suggested I check out the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page which I did and I ordered my 28 Day Plan that same day.
I am happy to say my milk supply is great and I have a very content chubby little baby.
I have loved the emails and daily tips and advice through the Facebook page as well as the Motivating Mum stories.
These have kept me excited about my own weight loss journey.
Also the extra snacks have meant I can have something to eat when I am hungry which has really helped me to stick with it!
I have lost 11kg in just under 8 weeks (and 19kg since my son was born) and am feeling amazing!
I have another 6kg until I reach my goal weight but I know that the Lose Baby Weight Plan will help me get there.
I am also excited to use the 7 Day Winter Warmer Plan as the colder days are setting in and I know I will be looking for some healthy ‘comfort’ food.
I have had the amazing support of my husband as well, as he has joined me on this healthier way of eating.
He has found the food delicious and so quick and easy to prepare.
He has lost an impressive 10 kg over the same amount of time.
Lose Baby Weight has not only helped us lose weight but has changed our eating habits to a far healthier way of living long term with a great range of delicious recipes to draw on.
Thanks so much to all the team at Lose Baby Weight!’
– Rachel Ramm
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