Final week of the Lose Baby Weight summer challenge! Where has the time gone!!!
This last week I managed to lose the rest of the weight that I put in 2 weeks ago (down to 75.2kg) plus loose 3cm from my body. Very happy indeed!!
Over the whole summer challenge I have lost 5.3kg & 18cm. I think the 2 of the biggest things I have gained are self confidence (completed my first 8km fun run!) and healthy snacking the right way.
The summer challenge has been an exciting road!
There has been speed bumps, some interesting road works, the occasional red light, hard to navigate intersections & roundabouts but on a whole straight, smooth road with green lights!
Like with any road the speed limit changes to suit the conditions, just as with weight loss. I’m hoping to get to my goal of getting to 75kg by the end of the summer challenge (200g to go!) but I don’t want to stop there.
I hope to continue on to my goal of 72kg with the help of the Lose Baby Weight Team & not just stop with the weight loss challenge like it may be tempting to do so.
Thank you for a great weight loss challenge & continual support.
Love Rach Overeem xx
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