Hi Everyone! I have lost an amazing 31kgs with the Lose Baby Weight challenges!
Lose Baby Weight-31kg Loss
This will be my 9th round of the 28 day challenge, Second stint as a Motivating Mum and I am super happy to fill you in on a little secret – I HAVE REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT!
That is right – I jumped on the scales at the end of the September Challenge to get the best shock of my life.
I have now lost 31kgs and it is all thanks to The Healthy Mummy and the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day challenges.
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My Goal for October is to tone my tummy and improve my overall fitness.
I’ll start off telling you a little about me and my journey so far –
I am a 27 year old Mum of two beautiful boys (4 & 1), I live in Brisbane with my gorgeous husband, the kids and my dog Murphy.  After Christmas last year, I was miserable. I had been trying to pull myself out of mild PND – brought on by a difficult pregnancy, difficult recovery and a reflux bub who liked to spend every second of his waking hours attached to me (Shout out to the baby wearers in this group – Only way I survived!!) I was 94 Kilograms.
I have always been overweight, but not this bad.  I was exhausted. I was huge. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt good about myself and so… something had to give.
I started Googling ways to lose weight.  Having had little to no success on 12 week, low calorie diets in the past, I knew I needed something different.
Lose Baby Weight came up in my searches, and as there was a special on for the January Challenge – I decided to give it a crack.
A few things were hard for me to get my head around – the first was how frequently I got to eat – 3 meals and 3 snacks a day seemed too good to be true. Plus my calorie allowance was more than 2200. I could not believe it.
If you’d love to see how delicious the recipes are on our 28 Day Challenges, download your FREE recipe sampler here
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But I decided to shelve all my prior “knowledge” of how to lose weight and just go with.
I nervously put together my meal plan and trotted off with my shopping list.
I must admit I just about fell over when I saw the price of my groceries. You might too, but bear in mind that the first shop is a pantry filler shop – You will use a lot of these things again so it is worth the initial out lay for the savings down the track.
Plus you will soon become a pro at customizing your meal plan to suit things you have in the house. Make sure you watch the tutorial on the challenge hub!
I dutifully divided all my meat and vegetables into bags by meals – get yourself a decent pair of kitchen scales to help with this!
I found the meals relatively easy to make and my husband loved them too! My four year old was a bit dubious of some meals but he came around in the end.
I started doing the challenge exercises. I found them easy to follow and fit in with my day.
Mostly though, I walked my dog. One day I was walking the dog and I was about a block and a half from home when he started doing the telltale signs of needing to relieve himself.
I had come out without a bag so I decided to run home. I had never really run before, but run I did.
I made it home, wobbled up the front stairs and collapsed on the lounge room floor. I felt like dying. My husband brought me some water and had a bit of a giggle. My 4 year old flopped on me. Something had been sparked inside me though.
A passion for running that I never would have dreamed existed.
The next time, I ran two blocks. I just gradually increased the running distance. It was a long time before I found my groove, but last month I successfully ran 5 K without stopping!
Two weeks into the challenge I went to a pilot program being run by the White Cloud Foundation. Part of that program allowed me to see a dietician and an exercise physiologist.
If you’d love to see how delicious the recipes are on our 28 Day Challenges, download your FREE recipe sampler here
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I told them about the Lose Baby weight challenges and they had not heard of them – so said we could talk about it at the follow up.
I saw them again two weeks later and they were floored. I had lost 2 kgs in that time. Both of them told me that they had been through the program thoroughly since speaking to me and they could not fault it.
I was told it was a sensible and sustainable way to lose weight and I should carry on doing it.
With the support of the professionals and my success so far, carry on I did! I lost 4 kgs in that first challenge. 3 kgs in the gap between the January and the March challenge (Before they were monthly) and another 5 kgs in the March challenge.
I could not believe it! The weight was falling off and I never went hungry!
I had started at a size 18. I set myself a goal of being a size 14 by the time I went back to work at the end of April. I didn’t quite make it, but two weeks back at work I had to buy all new work clothes! I am now 63 kgs and a size 10!
Returning to work came with a whole heap of organizational challenges – so I will talk about those more in my next blog.
In the meantime, Enjoy the October Challenge and feel free to ask me any questions!
Rachel xx
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Tasheena Lost 41kgs* with our 28 Day Challenges 
Lose Baby Weight-41kg Loss
Tasheena says: “I absolutely loved the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!
I found it very easy to follow, the meals were delicious and the workouts were quick so I could get on with my day and know I had accomplished something for the day!”
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