1506_LBW_TH_FB_MREC_EXPERTSWe recently had a Live Q & A segment on our Private Support Group with Nutritionist Cheree Sheldon who has created the meal plans for the July 28 Day Weightloss Challenge.
Here is a summary of the Live Q &A for you all to read through- there are some GREAT tips in this one to help you get ready and be prepared to the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge.
Q. What would be your best tips for meal prep for week one with little kids around?
A. I usually get my little one to help me for a little bit on the big weekend batches that I do up, and get her playing a good game nearby so I can finish it off!! Any chance you have to include your kids just means more EXPOSURE to new foods or different ways to prepare foods, and that will increase their acceptance of new foods!
Q. What are some great budget and toddler friendly snack ideas from the challenge?
A. Nearly all of the snacks in week one would be perfect for toddlers! I usually make a variety plate up for mine for afternoon tea, that will be a serve of fruit, a serve of vegies, some nuts, a rice cracker and cheese or hummus.. That way she can grazethrough it.. I always introduce something new in small amounts alongside with foods she already eats, so if it gets rejected on sight (very common for toddlers) you can say, just leave it to the side, or have a go after you have finished the rest…that way she will have a go eventually!
Q. Adding in extra calories for breastfeeding would it best to have larger portions for the main meals or extra snacks?
A. Whatever works best for your appetite.. I found in the first few months of breastfeeding I was ravenous all the time, so extra snacks would work best, but then once they start eating solids and breastfeed less, then just adding a bitextra to meals would work… also, you need to adjust the calories according to how many feeds they are doing… as a fully breastfed kid would demand a lot more on your body than a 2year old having one feed a day!!!
Q. What is your #1 meal for this week that is a must try?
A. The number one meal for me is a hard choice!!! I have based heaps of these on recipes I cooked in different restaurants I word at plus family faves!! Not sure I can pick a fave, but perhaps the seafood polenta or the bean and bacon soup (easy peasy meal!!)
Q. What meals from the menu do your kids love? I’m finding it hard with my fussy 4yo who seems obsessed with bad food at the moment
A. I am fortunate that I have a pretty amazing eater for a toddler! So she is nearly 4, and doesn’t get “bad” food as an option. She will eat pretty much everything I cook.. How I would tweak this week to make it toddler friendly would beto make it way less spiced. Add the chilli for mum and dad to serve!! Kids at that age tend to like their vegies and meat separate, so I would do some vegies in the sauces, but also serve some on the side
Q. If I only have a couple of hours on the weekend for food prep, what would you suggest I make in advance – which recipes from Week 1 will freeze the best so I can make the week nights really easy?
A. Freezing would work best on beef tagine, bean and bacon soup, lamb shanks, and lamb shanks. The rest wouldn’t deforst so well
Q. How many portions of red meat to white meat should we have per week? Just while I’m working out my meal plan
A. I go off the rule 2-3 red meat, 2-3 seafood, 2-3 white meat, 1 vego… (but obviously that adds up to more than 7!!), so you can spread your choices across two weeks… If you have 3 red meat one week, than you have 2 the next
Q. I’m planning on using my slow cooker for the lamb shanks and the tagine – would I do anything differently for cooking them besides the length of time cooked for? And what would you recommend for slow cooker, e.g 8 hours on low?
A. Slow cooker works best with a minimum of 4 hours.. the longer the better, so I would do 8 hours for sure.. It breaks down all the meat so it will just melt in your mouth!
Q. I’m trying to keep an eye on my iron levels and hoping to increase them a little. What meals from the plan would you suggest are good for this? Thinking I could perhaps double up here and there
A. The red meat ones are the ones that will raise your iron levels the most effectively.. always add some vitamin c into the meal or immediately after to enhance absorption, so this can be a good squeeze of lemon on top, or a kiwi fruit or strawberry after… if you can substitute some liver for the beef, this will make your iron levels increase dramatically!! That will work in the tagine for sure
Q. I am curious to know is there such thing as “too many carbs” in the day or week? is it something we should be limiting?
A. Yep, too many carbs is something that can happen for sure… You need to balance out every meal with Low GI carbs, and protein.. I don’t have a magic number to limit to, but if you look at each meal and try to make it one quarter carbs, 1/4 protein, and 1/2 vegies, then you are on the right track
Q. Do you have any top tips for someone who forgets to eat snacks throughout the day?
A. If you just forget, then set an alarm on your phone for morning tea and afternoon tea!! You will train your body into it.. If you are not hungry from when you wake up until lunch (a common thing i hear for not eating enough), then start your day with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in warm water… this stimulates your gastric juices and will get your metabolism working= normalise your appetite!
Q. Paleo is getting loads of publicity and LCHF, do you think it’s necessary to incorporate lower carb ideas in our menu choices to lose weight?
A. I love the paleo diet! My partner has gut issues, and it has helped him immensely.. But, I do not as a blanket rule recommend any “style” of diet to everybody.. We all have our own individual needs… I am a certified GAPS practitioner, and I definitely wouldn’t say that it is for everyone!! To answer your question, their is research (and even dietitians agree), that short term restricted carb diets are beneficial for weight loss.. My believe for weight loss is that your choices should be ones that you are going to continue and be sustaining.. That is one reason why I love Lose baby weight so much, as it is REAL food!!! you are learning to eat a balanced diet and have calories appropriate to your needs!
Q. Will we see Kangaroo in any of the recipes (since it has so many health benefits)?
A. You can always substitute kangaroo for lamb or beef!! But yep, there is one coming next month!
Q. For someone who is on a higher calorie intake for the day- what are your recommendation on how to increase ontop of the meal plan? How can we make sure whatever we add will make for a balanced intake? eg, protien, fats, carbs etc
A. To add the extra kj’s to the day, the first thing I would day is add in a healthy mummy smoothie! They are so easy, yummy, and really well balanced with vitamins and minerals… Depending on how much you need to add in, every meal on the challenge page has tips to increase your calories!
Q. Im on a super tight budget. What are things i should buy in bulk on my bigger pay weeks that will last the fortnight or even longer. Mostly snacks and easy ingredients for lunches
A. Budget tips… when you print out your shopping list for the weeks, add up which ones you need to most of and get those in bulk!! The best thing about this challenge is that the shopping list is done for you!!
Q. What’s your favourite meal you’ve created for week 1 in the july challenge?
A. I am not sure!!! At the moment, I have super bad morning (all day) sickness, so some things that I normally love just the thought of sends me green!! I love lamb shanks, I love the veg baked beans, and the beetroot dip is a fave for sure
Q. I have been told that if i am struggling to budge some kilos or have hit a plateau that ceasing carbs after midday could help. Do you agree?
A. After midday is a bit too much in my opinion… but dropping it at the evening meal gives your body less to digest and makes it easier for it to process.. You can see what works for you.
Q. Are there any snacks that are more tummy friendly?
A. Have you worked out what your triggers are?? Alongside your food plan, keep a food diary and jot down when you feel good, when you feel bloated, and what your guts and bowels are doing… you might be able to spot a pattern.. Common culprits are gluten, dairy, legumes, cruciferous vegies, and FODMAP foods…. But I wouldn’t remove them all unless you have guidance with a naturopath experienced in food intolerances or gut health… You may need to add in a probiotic or enzymes
Q. I’m just wondering if there is a substitute for avocado?
A. Avocado provides a really good source of fat, so add some nuts or seeds, or a drizzle of olive oil.. Depending on what the recipe is, then maybe greek style yoghurt, or nut butter would be a good swap
Q. Are snacks essential or a positive thing for weightloss? I know there is also a lot around at the moment saying we eat too often and should fast more so we release less insulin?
A. I think snacks are required for most people to keep their blood sugar levels stable.. it comes down to a persons genetics, and whether they are best suited to a grazing style diet or a fasting style… in my experience, most peoplework better with grazing… but in saying that, there is a place for fasting…. but that is a whole other topic!! I wouldnt recommend it as part of a weight loss regime
Q. Full cream or low fat?
A. As a nutritionist “foodie” I go closest to real with everything… BUT, some of the recipes in the plan have specified low fat, otherwise you would be getting a thimble full of full fat to fit into the nutritional requirements… I think using low fat whilst restricting calories on a weight loss plan is warranted, and reintroduce full fat as part of reaching your maintenance energy requirement!
Q. I’ve been dropping weight consistently but have hit a stand still- still clean eating and doing everything right but wondering if I need to eat more to speed up my metabolism??? Also are Almonds everyday ok?
A. I would mix up all foods, so no to almonds everyday… nuts everyday in moderation is ok, but mix them up, as they all bring different benefits… If you have reached a plateau and you are following the plan with diet and exercise, then focus on a liver detox- using teas, beetroot powder and broccoli sprout powder added to smoothies
We hope that you have a fantastic start to the July round of the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge!
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