healthy eating meal plansNikki Boswell, Nutritionist for the November 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge provides some tips on how we can prepare quick and healthy meals without a lot of stress:
Preparing quick, healthy meals is much easier than you probably think – all it takes is a little organisation, planning and a few failsafe recipes.
Fortunately the November Lose Baby Weight Challenge has got you covered for the recipes, with family favourites like the Chicken and Pineapple pizza that is ready in 30 minutes and the Thai Beef Salad that is ready in as little as 15 minutes!
As for the organisation and planning, it’s up to you how much you do but here are a few simple tips and tricks to get you on your way:
healthy eating recipes

  • Sort out your kitchen: You can’t possibly expect to prepare a quick meal if you need to spend 15 minutes looking for a saucepan. Sort out the cupboards and draws well in advance so that you know where all your utensils and equipment are – and be sure to put them back in the same place too.
  • Know what is in your pantry and freezer: While you’re in the process of sorting out your cupboards, dig to the deepest, darkest corners of your pantry and find out what is lurking back there. If it’s been there for longer than you can remember – get rid of it, check all the used by dates and try to arrange your pantry so that you can see what you’ve got and are inspired to use a range of ingredients.
  • Don’t let the organisation stop now, it is time to plan your weekly or even fortnightly menu: Figure out what ingredients you already have and what you will need to get to make all the delicious recipes on your meal plan.

With everything nicely organised, your pantry stocked and your meal plan in hand you can get a jump start on some of the meals you have planned for later in the week.
Nikki Boswell, Nutritionist
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