pregnancy_weight _gainI read the other day that ‘pregorexia’ was becoming more common place and I was both shocked and surprised at the same time.
Shocked as pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when the focus on eating well and in taking the right nutrients is absolutely crucial and surprised as most pregnant mums are hungrier and to my mind wouldn’t be starving themselves. But apparently it is becoming more common and I find this really worrying.
I think it is common place to think when you are pregnant “oh God, my weight is going up” but it shouldn’t become an obsession. In my first pregnancy I barely weighed myself (just at the end out of curiosity where I saw I gained 14kg – the pic is of me right at the end of my pregnancy) and in my current pregnancy I am just over 4 months pregnant and I have not weighed myself.
Yes I know I am putting on weight, and I am into my maternity jeans (so comfy with the elastic band and my old ones won’t do up) and yesterday I was doing some video filming and watching back the videos I was like “Oh God, I have a double chin and am looking heavier”! 
But it is part and parcel of being pregnant and for all the pregnant mums out there I would say don’t freak out about it and instead focus on your growing your baby and nourishing your baby with healthy foods – oh and if you are sensitive to the weight gain – my tip is not to video yourself (like I do!) as camera angles can be harsh!.

Pregnancy weight gain is inevitable

Your baby and body need the extra weight and the weight gain is inevitable! The key thing is to eat lots of nutrients and make sure you are getting a wide range of foods (you can see some tips here on foods you should be eating) and then as long as you are getting those good foods it is perfectly natural and normal to have some naughtier foods too if you are craving them!
I am no saint and I have craved all kinds of naughty foods like choccies, cake and ice cream and am I stressing about eating them? Hell no! I don’t eat too much of them but if I am feeling tired/crappy or just fancy something a bit naughty then I don’t sit there stressing about it. Just try and remember moderation.
There is plenty of time to lose the weight later – and I am by no means advocating excessive weight gain – but just don’t get into the habit of weighing yourself constantly and worrying about the weight. Focus on healthy foods, the ocassional treat and if you have the energy get out of the house for a walk.

And if you are worried about gaining excessive weight or are in the unhealthy weight range then speak to your Doctor before deciding to diet or limit your food intake as dieting when pregnant is not recommended.
And for the mums wanting to know if our Healthy Mummy Smoothies can be had when pregnant the answer is yes as the ingredients are safe – but again don’t use them as a tool for weight loss – instead have them as a snack or as an energy boost which is what I do most days and they work a treat for my energy levels 🙂