positive_mental_attitudeBeing a mum is hard work. Children are just AMAZING and the best thing in life but MY GOODNESS they can be hard work!
The sleep deprivation alone can leave a mum feel like she is the walking dead and combined with an active baby or/and a toddler plus the daily tasks of running a house or being back at work can result in the health and wellbeing of the mum being at the bottom of the list of priorities.
But even though it can be hard to prioritise yourself and follow a healthy eating or weight loss plan, it is really important to look after yourself as if you feel healthy and happy you will have more energy, more strength, more confidence and more resilience to live your life and care for your family.
The other issue is keeping happy and motivated as there will inevitably be times when you feel CRANKY and sleep deprived and the bad temperedness can leave you feeling down and turning to comfort food to try and feel happy – which it of course won’t and infact will have the opposite effect of sending your blood sugar levels crashing and making you feel so much worse.
This is where you need to tap into some Positive Mental Attitude which will help see you through any rough points. Having a Positive Mental Attitude – or PMA – will really help to make you feel better and give you something positive to focus on

What are some ways you can get some PMA?
  1. Look at your family and how amazing they are – no matter how crappy you feel looking at how amazing they are will help put your bad mood into perspective
  2. Look at the bigger picture – and say to yourself “do I want to be this grumpy or depressed person?” – you have the power to be who you want to be and you can change your mood
  3. Watch something funny – it will make you laugh and snap you out of a bad mood
  4. Put some feel good tunes on – music is really powerful and can lift your mood
  5. Get out side and go for a walk. Exercise will make you feel better and make you feel good for doing some physical exercise
  6. Tidy up – having some order in your life will give you a better frame of mind
  7. Go to a Mothers Group or catch up with a friend – talking to other mums or changing the scenery can really change your mood
  8. Eat healthy foods and do not eat junk food.  Healthy foods will nourish your mind and body and give you the nutrients you need to feel energised – think lots of nutrients, bananas(great for serotonin), fruit, wholegrains and Omega 3’s which boost brain function
  9. Accept that you won’t be happy all the time – we can thank hormones for that
  10. If you feel in a really bad place which lasts all the time then talk to your Doctor who can give you more help

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