This week, join us on the Plank Challenge over at our Private Support Group – JUST for mums!
Try and hold your planks as long as you can and build up your strength over the week – and POST your planking pics in the support group to show everyone how you are going.
We are trying to make exercise FUN so it makes it easier to stick to.
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About the Plank

It’s important to take note though that, while abdominal exercises such as this do not directly get rid of fat from your belly (see here for an explanation of the two types of belly fat and see here for all the information you need to know on how to beat stomach fat), it develops a strong core that is important to keeping your body healthy as well as protecting your spine while you do your exercise routines or your daily tasks.  It is also a good way to tone your stomach muscles.

How to Plank


Starting Position
Kneeling on the floor place your elbows and forearms on a mat or towel in front of you. Now engage your core by tucking your belly button in towards your spine and start to walk your feet backwards to form a plank position (if you don’t feel comfortable being supported by your feet rest on your knees).
Maintain neutral alignment between your upper shoulders right down to your feet or knees depending on which you choose. It’s important not to stick your bum in the air or allow your stomach to fall to the floor.


With this exercise being ‘Isometric’ there is on joint movement. Simply hold the starting position for as long as possible maintaining good form. When you can no longer hold the position or your core starts to fatigue and sag towards the floor it’s time to stop the exercise.


Core strengthening and stabilizing
Note that it will help you perfect your form if you pull your belly button towards your spine. This trick shall help you engage the abdominal muscles that help support your back.
If your body starts to shake after holding the plank for a few seconds, this indicates that more work is needed to stabilize and strengthen your abdominal region.
If you regularly do this exercise, you will notice great improvement in your core strength, balance and coordination.  It would be great to incorporate this as a warm up or warm down in your 28 Day Challenge exercise routine.  Notice that planking is so simple it can be performed anywhere at any time and can even be incorporated in your daily routines.
Please note that planking should not be done until you have fully recovered from birth
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