Photo shop drives me mad.  The magazines we all buy make the models and celebrities look like they have perfect figures and although a few of them do (think Miranda Kerr) most have imperfections just like the rest of us and I really don’t think it is right that we all get made to think that having the body of a teenager is possible or achievable.
I understand that some magazines use photo shop to change lighting and skin tone but when they change whole body shapes or erase any signs of a post pregnancy belly is it really fair to the rest of us or should we take every photo we see with a big pinch of salt?
I love how that a picture of supermodel Cindy Crawford shows that yes she has an enviable figure and looks incredible and how it also shows that even super models can have some sagging post baby belly skin.
Cindy’s belly doesn’t make her look less attractive – infact I think I think it makes her look more attractive and endearing as she looks real not fake.  Same goes with the pictures that have been published of Julia Roberts in a bikini on the beach.

Mariah photo shopped

The picture of Mariah Carey before and after photo shop shows that pre photo shop she looks amazing – she looks real and absolutely incredible for a mum with twins – but the photo shopped image makes her look like a teenager – with flawless skin and a lot smaller.
She already looks amazing in the pre shot and I wish the magazines hadn’t created the virtually impossible to achieve after shot and I think most mums would LOVE to have a body like Mariah’s in the pre shot.
I think the message we all have to remember is that pictures in the media are often severely altered so we should not feel bad about our own bodies when we see the perfect “post baby mum” shots that are so common place.
Instead we should focus on being healthy, happy and confident in our bodies and if you want to lose some weight for energy/confidence/health then go for it but don’t do it to try and look like the celeb mums in the magazines as you will be putting ridiculously high expectations on yourself – that even the multi-million dollar celebrities can’t reach!