When you are a mum, your breasts can start to feel that they are no longer yours alone.
Your babies want (and get them) all the time; your partner wants to touch them (but isn’t allowed); and you might find them doing things (like leaking, or hurting) that they didn’t used to do before.
It’s important not to fall into the mother trap of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own.
So instead of exercising for pregnancy weight loss in your regular bra, or an old sports bra that doesn’t quite fit properly anymore – it’s time to get yourself a good sports bra.
Check out our tips below so that you can focus on your pregnancy weight loss and exercise in comfort.

Start with a fitting

Forget about just popping in to a department store and grabbing your regular size.
Your body may have changed since having babies or losing/gaining weight, so you need to spend some time in the change rooms and get fitted properly.

Try try try

Once you’ve got an idea of your size, it’s time to try on some bras. Your size may not be standard across brands, so just use it as a starting point.
Get some help from the staff to grab smaller or larger sizes and assist you with the straps.

  • The straps should be wide in order to distribute the weight across your shoulders. They shouldn’t be tight or dig into your skin. An adjustable strap is helpful as it helps you tighten up if the bra stretches, or if you lose weight.
  • The band should fit snugly against your body to provide the support you need.
  • The cup should securely hold your breasts in place without any wrinkles or overhanging.

Jiggle around the change rooms

Once you find a bra that fits, you will need to test the bra to make sure that your breasts stay where they are supposed to.

  • Lift your arms up to make sure that the bra doesn’t lift up.
  • Bend over and then come up and have a look in the mirror to see that the band doesn’t ride up your back.
  • Do a light jog and look in the mirror to see that the bra is holding you in place.
  • Ensure that the top of the bra sits flush against your skin with no gaping or breast overhang.
  • Look to see that your breasts are separated (not smooshed together) so that you can avoid sweating or chafing. This will also be more comfortable if your breasts are bigger than they normally are due to breastfeeding.

Different bras for different exercises

You can get away with a pullover bra or racer back bra if you are doing exercise such as yoga or Pilates; and then have a more supportive sports bra that does up at the back for more vigorous movement such as running or aerobics.
Not sure what exercise to do? Why not check out our Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD which is tailor made for busy mums.
Or if you are following the 28 Day Challenge there are loads of exercise ideas in there that you can do from home without the need for a gym membership or any fancy equipment.

Notes for breastfeeding mamas

  • Be sure to let your milk supply settle in before you go and buy a new sports bra, as your breasts will change in shape and size during this time.
  • After your workout, don’t hang about in your sports bra – change back to your maternity bra to feel more comfortable and to give your breasts more support.
  • If your breasts feel quite tender, you might feel more supported by wearing a crop top over the top of your sports bra for extra snugness.
  • It’s best to avoid underwire sports bras as they can dig into your tender breasts.
  • Remember to pop an absorbent breast pad in your sports bra, as exercising can cause some breast milk leakage.

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