Paris is so happy with her 6.2kg weight loss after following the healthy eating diet plans from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. She loves being a healthy role model for her children.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. At 32 and a mum of Miss 2.5 and Miss 10 months, I am now the kind of role model I always hoped my girls would have.

Six weeks ago I was sitting at my laptop one late night as I did most nights and I was fed up. Fed up with being 50% of who I could be. I was having trouble sleeping and like a lot of Mummies, using food and in particular sugar to get me through my busy day. I had seen the Lose Baby Weight advertising flash upon my screen many times. Having just failed at Weight Watchers I thought well why not attempt another lifestyle change and see how I go. So I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and hoped for the best.

best_ways_to_lose_weightAfter spending the next hour reading the Lose Baby Weight website something extraordinary began to happen. The plan and Lose Baby Weight method seemed to make sense. I was left thinking why hadn’t I taken this sensible approach before?

I spent the next 2 weeks preparing for the Challenge. I had never felt so in control and excited about anything. Day 1 weigh in was empowering. I had a quick glance at my before pics and said thank you to my larger body that had grown two perfectly healthy and beautiful little girls.
Now that I had produced our children, it was time for Paris to shine. I welcomed the headaches on the first day knowing my body was ridding itself of nasties. I was already getting healthier! The first week I had to concentrate on staying on track. I was shocked at the amount of times I would head to the kitchen when life was challenging me. It paid off. Week one weight loss was 3.2kg. I could really do this. So when I normally would be feeling bored and disheartened I was ready for week 2 and more weight loss. From then on I never looked back.

My kids (my motivation!) are eating healthier. My 10 month old is sleeping better. My 2.5 year old is learning to cook with me. My partner is losing weight without even realising, he loves our new lifestyle. I have a home bookkeeping business that is now running smoothly. I’m getting more work done in less hours. The biggest change for me is that I’m sleeping. All night and every night!

It’s fair to say Lose Baby Weight has changed my family’s life. I will be forever grateful. Most importantly, my two girls are going to grow up without having to endure their mother loathe herself in the mirror like my mum did. I still have 6kg to lose but I feel like I’ve already succeeded!

My total weight loss throughout the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge was 6.2kg. My total loss in centimetres was 21cm. Two results I never would have believed I could have achieved.

My apologies for the long story but I felt I needed to share the whole journey.
Thanks for reading and thank you for all of your hard work, please don’t stop!! xxxxxx

Paris Stambanis
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