I just wanted to say a big thank you to one of the mum on our Lose Baby Weight plans for sharing their personal story below and I wanted to say a massive well done for overcoming her weight loss hurdles and doing so well.

Overcoming emotional barriers

“Hi Rhian, I am a big fan of your website and Facebook page and I would have posted this on there but I really want to remain anonymous.
I am currently 79kg. I want to get to 68kg and 4 months ago I was 93kg.  But although my journey has been over 4 months with you and I have so far lost 15kg it has taken me a LONG time to get where I am.  I have two children and my second was born just over 2 years ago and I gained 20kg in my pregnancy.  I had hoped breastfeeding would help my weight loss but it didn’t help one bit. Plus I was tired and hungry all the time and just didn’t have the time or care factor to eat healthy food and I actually gained a couple of kg.
I kept telling myself “next month I will do something about losing the weight’. And when I said it I meant it, but next month never came.  I also suffer from really bad PMT so for 2 weeks every month I felt exhausted, unhappy, bad tempered and just couldn’t be bothered. 
I also have a tough marriage. My husband works long hours so I end up doing all the house work and then we fight a lot as I don’t think he helps around the house or with our kids and whenever we have a row and I talk about how stressed/tired I am and how I feel down about my weight he tells me to stop eating so much and do exercise.  In short it has made me pretty hateful of him.
Anyway, this stupidity had carried on for nearly two years and I know I have not been happy and I was starting to get worried about by emotional eating and depressed state.  I knew I was eating too much food but I just didn’t care at the time.  I was miserable and food was my comfort so I ate and ate and ate.
Then I started following your blogs and Facebook stories and slowly it started getting through to me – I could lose weight if I got organised, got committed, got healthy and took things slowly.  So I started one of your smoothies a day and felt better almost straight away.
After a couple of weeks I went up to two a day – but not every day – probably 4-5 days a week and in month one I lost 3.5kg!  I was DELIGHTED.  I wasn’t good all the time and in my 2 week PMT nightmare time I still ate too much but I swapped the excess junk to eating too much veggies and fruit and I felt a LOSS less guilty and I can happily report that my digestion and toilet habits were significantly improved.
I also made myself get out to do a walk on most days and even though I felt crappy on some days the walk really made a difference.  So I continued on with your plans and gave your 28 day plan a go too which I loved as I would alternate smoothies with your recipes and I found it worked really well.  And in 4 months I have lost 14kg and I am chuffed to pieces.
I still have 10kg to go but I know I can get there and I just want anyone who is in a similar position to know me that it is possible. Don’t see it as an impossible task – see it as you doing something for you. Something positive that you can do for yourself so you are in control and you can have confidence. The happiness and confidence I have gained is UNBELIEVABLE and although my husband still annoys me, we are arguing less and he can see a big difference in my mood and he definitely is impressed that I am doing this for myself
Thanks Rhian for everything you do and for your daily motivation which has 100% kept me on track when I have had bad weeks”