pregnancy_weight_lossSometimes losing pregnancy weight can seem like an uphill battle – especially if you have more than 20kg to lose.
We look at the 20kg number and the temptation is often to jump on some fast weight loss diet as the thought of losing the weight over a number of months can be the first hurdle to overcome.
But following a fast weight loss diet is really not be advised as it is not good for your health and research proves time and time again that most mums can’t stick to rapid weight loss diets for more than a couple of weeks and that also the weight loss is achieved through unhealthy methods which means the weight comes back on as soon as you go back to your old habits.
The key to successful pregnancy weight loss is to take it one step at a time, aim for slow and steady weight loss, if you are breastfeeding make sure you are following a breastfeeding safe diet such as the Lose Baby Weight plans.
It is crucial to set yourself small and achievable goals. A healthy weight loss is approximately 500g – 1kg a week. So if you have 20kg to lose, break it down into small goals and give yourself 20 -25 weeks to reach your goals as you will have bad weeks and it will be hard to be perfect every week.
And don’t set unrealistic daily goals either. For example, being a mum means gym sessions are just not possible so instead start making small steps and achievements such as going for a daily walk, doing squats during the day, lifting light weights if you are watching TV and trying to move more during the day.
So don’t set hard goals that you know you won’t stick to long term – aim for small steps than will all add up to big weight loss and health results.
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