Hi everyone will I can’t believe its October already. Well this week was  great I am loving the Lose baby weight exercise DVD. I have been using the DVD everyday. I love how the workouts are spilt up but I have either been doing the DVD in full or spilt into 2 half an hour lots. I can feel and notice the difference in me. We still went for a walk everyday, just later now as it is starting to warm up.
I still love having healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast and lunch. I am loving mango and banana and choc raspberry smoothie
For dinner we enjoyed the warm beef salad we had it last week but it was so nice as well as steak and pear salad and marinated chicken salad from the 28 day plan. We also had dinner for breakfast which we do once a week which was scrambled eggs with soy and Lin seed.
This week I have lost 0.5g bringing my total loss to 25 kilos.
Another week and I have been on lose baby weight for 30 weeks.
I love doing the exercise DVD everyday and am noticing I am starting to tone up. It’s a great DVD and I recommend that every one use it.
This week for dinners we enjoyed beef kebabs and sang chow bow from the 28 day plan and well as haloumi salad from the spring summer cookbook. And my yummy smoothies the green goddess and berry bang well weigh in day had arrived and I lost 0.4g. Bringing my total lost to 25.1 kilos.
Yay. I am so happy and so thankful to Rhian and  lose baby weight for all their support (and the plans)I couldn’t have done it without you. To my wonderful husband we has always loved and supported me. I know that in the end I am the one who worked hard and archived my goals. But I have learned so much on my journey and my family have benefited so much we are all happy and eat healthy and my husband has lost around 15 kilos too. The main thing I am fit and healthy and will be around a long time to enjoy my life.
My goal is to now maintain my weight and hopefully tone up my stomach. I will keep on this journey with lose baby weight and you all and just remember to keep going
Nik xxx
Start of Lose Baby Weight

  • Weight 73kg
  • Bust 105cm
  • Hips 110cm
  • Waist 108cm
  • Thighs 56cm


  • Weight 47.9kg
  • Bust  78cm
  • Hips 78cm
  • Waist 70cm
  • Thighs 44cm

Total lost 25kg

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Smoothie Ingredients

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