A Big well done to Nicolene who has shared her results this week and from April through to September has lost 12kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans – whoo hoo!!!
You can read Nicolene’s story below.
Nicolene gets a $100 Coles/Myer voucher for sharing her story and pics – if you would like to share yours, send them to [email protected] and if we publish your story you will be sent a voucher

Nicolene’s Weight Loss Update

This week I am pretty excited with my weight loss results. I lost 800g which now brings me to over 12kg loss since starting the Lose Baby Weight plan!
I also saw another 2 cm come off my waist/belly. I decided to pull out a pair of shorts that were my favorites a few years back and I slipped them on and they fit!!! I was stoked!
I have taken a pic of me in them to share 🙂 I am really starting to see my body come back into shape and not just this lump in front of the mirror staring back at me!
My legs are starting to tone up and take shape and Im even getting a bit of a waist back! My stats are now as follows:
Weight: 85 (Total of 12.1 since starting LBW)
BMI: 28.7
Bust: 104cm
Waist: 98cm
Hips: 103cm
Thighs: 58cm
Its really heating up now here in the Kimberley as we approach our buildup to the monsoon season so Ive had to adjust my walk time/s and routine, but I always make sure a walk happens every day for 30-45mins. I have also done pilates and some dancing as well. Eating right has now become a habit and I rarely feel the need to reach for an unhealthy option anymore.
Its only 9 weeks until we head oversees on holidays and Im getting excited to reveal a healthier me to my family come November!
This week I will be starting to gradually wean my bub so I will be concentrating on adjusting my calorie intake and dropping a snack or 2.
Im looking forward to having my boobs back since they havent changed much since losing weight 🙂
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