Nicole wanted to find the best way to lose weight and has been following a healthy eating diet plan and exercise routine with Lose Baby Weight since March. Here she shares her journey so far.
Hi my name is Nicole,
I am a mum to two children who are almost 3 years old & 6 months.
I started Lose Baby Weight in March when my son was 6 weeks old & in that time I have lost 11.5kg!
healthy_eating_diet_planA little about me: I’m 160cm tall, my starting weight was 67kg & my current weight is 55.5kg. When I started Lose Baby Weight I set myself mini goals with rewards when I reached them.
60kg was new running shoes, 57kg was being able to fit back into size 8 super skinny jeans that I hadn’t worn since before my first was born (2011). My next goal is 55kg & although I’ve hit a plateau I’m determined to get there.
Lose Baby Weight has been a lifestyle change for us and I actually enjoy cooking now! The meals are super quick & super tasty.
Exercise is part of my daily routine now and I’m a better mum and wife, who has endless amounts of energy!
best_ways_to_lose_weightI’m still a little way from my “ultimate” goal, but know I’ll get there!
Thanks Lose Baby Weight for giving me the tools & knowledge to get where I am today!
Nicole Edwards Xx

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