Motivating Mum Natalie Gallagher has lost an amazing 27kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is 3kgs away from her goal weight. Well done Natalie!
You can also join the 28 Day Challenge with Natalie –  Sign up here for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge starting 1st September!
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Hi Mummies,
I’m super excited to have continued on as a Motivating Mum for August following the Winter Challenge in July. I gained such momentum during the Winter Challenge and lost almost 6kg bringing my total weight loss on the Lose Baby Weight plans to 27kg, however the first half of August has only seen the scales shift (down, thankfully) by a bit less than a kilo.
The last two weeks have seen a bitterly cold snap to the Canberra weather, and with it came some nasty germs that have knocked my little man around a bit, which in turn has had a flow on effect to my sleep, exercise routine and to a lesser extent my eating patterns. But that’s all part of being a mummy, so I’m not feeling disheartened by the small loss, because after all, any loss is a victory!
At the first opportunity I signed up to the new subscription model for the 28 Day Challenge, because there were still a number of recipes from the Winter Challenge that I hadn’t tried, and of course I wanted to have easy access to my favourites. I’m really looking forward to the next Challenge starting on 1 September, in particular the fact that it is going to include dessert recipes!! Yay, the dessert-aholic in me is excited!!
When I started this journey, 30kg seemed like an impossible amount of weight to lose, and now it is less than 3kg away! So I’ve decided that I am not going to weigh myself until the Challenge starts, because I am becoming a bit obsessive about the numbers on the scales. Instead, for the rest of August I am going to set myself some mini workout goals like increasing my weights at body pump, and increasing the length of running time in my interval training. And hopefully the warmer weather is not too far away because my kids absolutely love the outdoors, and while my husband can attest that I am not an outdoors person, I have a new perspective and I am actually looking forward to burning all my extra energy with them riding bikes and playing at the park.
Enjoy the last  weeks of Winter ladies, and visit the website here so you can ‘spring’ into the next 28 Day Challenge with me! (I love a good pun ha ha)
Natalie xx
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