Hi there Mummies, since starting the 28 day challenges in January I have lost 12 kgs.
Well I can’t believe it’s over! Being one of the Motivating Mums for May has been such an exciting experience.
Lose Baby Weight- 12kg Loss
I feel sad that the time has flown by so quickly, but I am also proud as punch that I have used that time to push myself, and hopefully others, further towards being a fit and healthy mum. I have really enjoyed being a part of such an inspiring group of motivating mummies. Their compassion, and energy has been a great support.
Though at times the weight loss has slowed, the changes in my body continue.
I am fitter and more toned thanks to the challenge exercises, the Healthy Mummy DVD and running.
best ways to lose weight
I am so pleased with my progress photographs as they show the real changes. It is easy to get frustrated when weight loss seems to stop.
My advice is to keep going. Reflect on what works for you and adapt. My target for June is to make sure I drink 2-3l of water a day which won’t be easy as it gets colder.
Fitness wise I am able to do far more than I could even before getting pregnant.
5 years after starting IVF and having my two babies I am building towards a 10k run in July and the City2Surf in August.
During May I also took part in an exercise class marathon. I had all the tools to complete it thanks to Lose Baby Weight.
At the start of the May challenge I started to understand the importance of completing little bits of exercise regularly, as opposed to completing long sessions.
Lose Baby Weight- 12kg Loss
With a teething baby it can be quite a challenge to complete hour long sessions.
The dvd has worked a treat as I can complete 10-15 minutes here and there throughout my day. Incidental exercise is great too.
I can carry my baby around and squat or lunge my way through my house work. These small bits of exercise add up over the day, and I really feel the ‘I’ve worked hard today’ ache at the end of the day.
ResultsI consistently update my goals as I find this helps with motivation. I hope to continue reaching many of them throughout the cold winter months with the help of great meals and tasty smoothies.
The variety of delicious food is amazing. I am thankful for the quick and easy recipes that always leave me and the family wanting more.
When I joined the 28 day challenge I doubted I would see any difference on the scales.
I had battled with being overweight for so long it was hard to think of a time when I wasn’t.
So why should this be any different?
Well………I am 12kgs lighter. I can run 8kms. I can complete more challenging exercises. I am far more confident, and I love it!
Thank you Rhian and the team for such a great experience!
Natalie xx

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