Motivating Mum Natalie Gallagher has lost over 27kgs and is looking forward to the September 28 Day Challenge!
Well done Natalie you look Fantastic!!!
Hi Mummies
Can you believe it’s the end of August, and the end of winter already? This year is going so fast, and I have even seen the odd bit of Christmas paraphernalia in the shops already!! But clearly the best thing about it being the end of August is that the next 28 Day Challenge is starting in September! I’ve been rotating through my old favourite recipes from the Comfort Eating Weight Loss Plan and the Lose Baby Weight website for most of August, so I can’t wait for the week 1 recipes to be released for some new and exciting recipes (oh, and I am ridiculously excited about the desserts)!
I said in my last blog that I was boycotting the scales until the start of the next 28 Day Challenge on 1 September, so I honestly couldn’t tell you my total weight loss at this point in time, other than it is somewhere between 27-29kg (at a guess) since January.
I also said in my last blog that instead of obsessing over the scales, I was going to focus on some fitness goals for the rest of August. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you really focus on it, because when I thought I was already pushing myself with my weights training, I pushed a little bit harder and have increased my weights in the upper body tracks in Body Pump. It hurts, but as the saying goes… no pain, no gain!
On the weekend we did a spring clean around the house and yard and I figured that was a good opportunity to extend it to my wardrobe. So I collected all of the clothes that are now too big and bagged them up for Vinnies, which has left my wardrobe a little bare, even more so because it is almost time to get the warmer clothes out which will easily be too big for me now (yay)!
So I’ve decided that if I achieve my goal for the September 28 Day Challenge (to lose 5% of my weight as of 1 September), my reward will be to go on a little shopping spree for some new clothes including a new dress for a wedding I am going to in October! I used to hate clothes shopping with a passion but now I can’t wait!
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a Motivating Mum for July and August, and hopefully I’ve been able to motivate or inspire some of you to keep going even when it seems like such a long road ahead. I hope everyone enjoys the next round of the 28 Day Challenge and that you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.
Until next time.
Natalie xx
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