Hello Mums,
Woohoo! We are midway through this Belly Busting challenge. Time flies when you’re eating amazing meals!
Lose Baby Weight- 11kg Loss
I am going along nicely. The best thing about my changes so far is the change to my body shape. I am smaller all over and it is now noticeable. It was hard to continue when the weight was coming off, and no one noticed. Now I’m noticing and that feels great!
I joined the challenges in January. It was a great way to kick start my year.
I knew 2015 was my year. The year for me to become the mum and woman I wanted to be.
The year to become more confident and healthy, and happy.
Well the January challenge really got me into gear. I have continued taking the 28 day challenges ever since. I love the way they empower me. I love the way I learn new things each time.
During January I changed so much and I am proud of myself for focusing in and going for it.
I learned that I am a strong person both mentally and physically.
I tried new foods and new exercises and surprised myself, as I just loved it. The photos I took back then were hard to take, but I am thankful that I did. That me was a part of my journey, and every part of the journey is important.
During the May Challenge I have learned that my ‘all or nothing’ attitude has changed to a ‘do a little everyday’ attitude.
This was a hard change to make, but worth it. I no longer spiral out of control if I can’t exercise for an hour. It’s ok to do a little bit here and there.
Lose Baby Weight- 11kg Loss
During week two of the May Challenge I had to make changes due to an injury. I have learnt so much from the Facebook group that I knew exactly what to do.
I recalculated my bmr and adjusted my meals accordingly. I can continue the challenge as normal which is great. No major changes!
I can still have my yummy smoothies for breakfast and sometimes lunch. I can still indulge in the amazing dinners and snacks.
Ideally I start my day with a smoothie. I sometimes get to keep it to myself but my son gets hold of them while I’m distracted….. I have also had smoothies for lunch and snacks as I find they fill me up for quite a while.
Currently I’m a huge fan of the strawberry flavor. I’ve had it for nearly two weeks and it’s almost gone already!
During week 1 of the May Challenge I lost 1.1 kgs which has now taken me to a total of 11kgs.
I’ve lost 47 cms and my bmi is decreasing (I will throw a party when I get to the ‘overweight’ zone).  When I re-started in January I knew Lose Baby Weight was my best chance, but in the back of my mind I doubted that I would ever lose weight.
When weight has been an issue for so long you can doubt yourself. Don’t! It can be done.
Every day I am motivated by the amazing efforts shown on the Facebook group. Thank you for pushing me to where I am. I hope to be there for you in return
Natalie x
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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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