Hi there, my name is Natalie and I am an emotional eater and I have lost 10kg with the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans.
Lose Baby Weight-10kg Loss
I have been overweight since I was around 24. Being overweight for so long it is sometimes overwhelming to think of the weight I need to lose, but bit by bit I know I’m going to get there.
I know this so deeply that now I am looking to broaden my goals. I will run. I will tone my body. I will complete handstands and cartwheels with my children. It’s hard work, but boy am I pumped!
I initially joined Lose Baby Weight in 2013 after my first child (he was huge!). I was 115kg, sad and felt very alone. I did nothing about it until 12 months after my son was born. 12 months is a long time to feel so sad.
During this time I also developed social anxieties-They still kick in now. I didn’t and sometimes still don’t want people to see me as I feel they are judging me by my size.
At times people would ask if my son’s size was something to do with my size…….I found that so upsetting.
So I stayed indoors and built a strong negative self-talk routine. On and on I went until I saw this one photo of myself holding my gorgeous boy.
That was my rock bottom. The good thing about hitting that bottom was I could see what I needed to do. Finally I could see!
Using the 28 day diet and exercise book I managed to get down to 88kg (so proud) ready to try for another baby.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
After Christmas (with my second child being 3 months) I decided to get going and joined the 28 Day Challenge ready for January 2015.
I was so excited to start as I already knew how much I enjoyed the Healthy Mummy smoothies.
I knew I needed to change my day to day routine, and I knew the challenge would get me heading in the right direction. Boy did that challenge deliver!
The meals were so tasty and easy to make. They are so easy that I am now the main cook in the house!
I took risks and tried new recipes, and loved them. My husband quickly joined me for the dinners because he loved them too! My 3 year old boy…….Yes, he eats everything! Meal times are so much easier now.
Needless to say I have continued the 28 Day challenges and have lost 10kg since January. I have found it incredibly difficult to shift weight on the scales, so I am utterly proud.
Lose Baby Weight- 10kg Loss
I now exercise regularly using the challenge exercises, the Healthy Mummy DVD, and running.
The challenge exercises have left me sweating bucket loads. I always feel so accomplished when I complete them.
I am aiming to complete the City2Surf in August. I feel I am able to aim so high because of the love shown on the Facebook support group.
Such a positive place to gain understanding, tips and motivation from mums like me.
I am very excited to be one of the Motivating Mums for the Belly Busting month of May, which will also lead up to my 10 year wedding anniversary.
Now that’s some motivation! For my wedding day I was a size 10.
I waltzed around the Las Vegas strip looking stunning (I don’t mind saying so myself). My body deserves to be fitter and healthier than it was back then.
Enough about me! I hope to help motivate you throughout my time as Motivating Mum. I’m 100% in! Let’s do this!
Natalie xx
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Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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