We love sharing amazing weight loss stories to help motivate and inspire mums to follow a healthy eating plan and feel fantastic. And we are forever grateful to all the mums who send in their weight loss and baby weight loss stories.  The stories are incredible and it is proof that will the right determination and healthy eating plan that you can do it!
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Naomi’s weight loss story

“Hi Rhian,
My story so far . . .
Chocolate monster, that was my middle name. I’ve always tried to be active and healthy, but chocolate has always been my downfall.
Two weeks after my second baby was born last January (14 months ago), I headed back to the gym, determined to keep off the weight I’d lost during my pregnancy due to chronic morning sickness.
Unlike with my first pregnancy where I’d put it all back on plus some. When I fell pregnant with my second baby, I was the heaviest I’d ever been.
For months, I walked and went to the gym, doing some kind of activity each day. I maintained my weight, but nothing more came off. I got some acupuncture to boost my metabolism and started running and doing Zumba. Still, I maintained my weight, but nothing more came off. 
At the time I was convinced my diet was healthy (while still maintaining the middle name of chocolate monster!) and I believed that I’d increased my activity, so therefore weight should come off and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening.
I came across an article about Lose Baby Weight in a newspaper and decided to look up the website. I was dubious about the “shake” aspect, primarily about the keeping weight off long term as obviously you can drink smoothies for the rest of your life, but after speaking independently to a dietician, a trainer and my chiropractor, they all agreed that I was maintaining weight with my current activities, so if I were to make a more drastic change to shift the weight, then in theory I would continue to maintain at the lower weight once I’d achieved it.
To be honest, my initial thought was “30 day money back guarantee, what do I have to lose?” Four kilos apparently! And this has continued to shift steadily each week since. After five months I’ve lost 14 kilos and have surpassed my first two goals; to loose 10kg and to get back into the healthy weight range. Next stop is my wedding weight, only a couple more to go for that. Most importantly I am now over 20kg lighter than I was before I fell pregnant.
The healthy philosophy of Rhian and the Lose Baby Weight team is fantastic. The smoothies aren’t just powder in water, they are filled with nutrients and include fruit and milk. They don’t believe in cutting out food groups, or not eating carbs at certain times of the day or any of those other crazy things that we all get bombarded with.
The education that the website provides is the key – simple, healthy food and exercise. You need to bust those bad habits, and NEVER, NEVER go back to them. It is as much power of the mind as it is diet and exercise.
I’m loving feeling fit and healthy and buying a new pair of jeans in a size 11 (rather than last years size 16) is far better than any chocolate
Naomi Sunderland”
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