lose baby weightMy name is Naomi. I am the darling wife to my husband Mark and a busy mother to 3 little boys under 4yrs.
My youngest son Oscar was born in June and had a rough start contracting brochilitus when he was just 5 weeks. Most days fly by just achieving the basics; change, feed and sleep and at the end of the day I would feel utterly exhausted.
After giving myself time to adjust I hadn’t lost any weight breastfeeding and was starting to feel pretty tired and down on how I look. After much contemplation I purchased the lose baby weight basic plan/smoothies.
The pink weight loss bible gave me practical suggestions on how to include activity into my day and the 28 day plan gave me a guide to how I could change my eating habits.
A couple months on and I have lost 5 kilo’s and I feel great, I have heaps more energy and have introduced regular exercise into my week. I have benefit both physically and mentally from walking 30+ minutes when possible (avg 5 times a week)  and hope that I can slowly continue my weight loss.
My husband has noticed how much more energy I have when he gets home and  even complimented ‘you have no muffin top, you’re just straight up and down’, and my children have notice I’m not so cranky.
It is so encouraging to see other mums doing the same and motivational to see the benefits of all their hard work. I love the ease of the healthy mummy smoothies at any time of the day as a meal or snack, especially while I’m still feeding.
My parents have gone over seas for 3 months and my goal is for them to notice my weight loss, they get back Dec 27th
Thanks for your support and encouragement to be the best you can!!
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