lose_baby_weightHooray! My little boy has been born and I couldn’t be happier!  The birth was uncomplicated and I am loving being back at home and having a new addition to our family!
And as my first little boy was such a bad sleeper I am fully prepared for more sleepless nights – but am hoping that little Jake is a better sleeper 🙂
And I have had quite a few questions in from other mums asking me when I plan on focusing on losing weight and doing exercise so thought I would answer that here too.
I gained 20kg with this pregnancy and just over one week after the birth I have 11kg to go to be at my pre pregnancy weight. My little boy weighed 4kg and as I was carrying lots of fluid I have lost 9kg naturally over 8-9 days.
And although 11kg isn’t a huge amount to lose, as we always say at Lose Baby Weight, weight loss is a very personal issue and no one should ever feel judged for when they lose weight or how much weight they have to lose and this is how much I have to lose to be back in my pre pregnancy clothes and feeling confident.
11kg on my body (I am 5ft 3 inches) does feel like an extra load to carry and I definitely want to lose it and know that I will feel great when I do lose it, but I am not putting any pressure on myself to lose it or giving myself a set time frame to lose it in – slow and steady is the name of the game – without the pressure.
My plan is to enjoy my time with my new little bubba and to continue to give my toddler all my time too – so there won’t be any time for lots of exercise!  So I plan to eat as healthily as possible (and will be cooking meals from our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan – which is breastfeeding friendly – plus using the recipes on our site) – which is not just important for my energy levels but also for my milk supply – and I plan to have our tasty Healthy Mummy Smoothies every day as I love them and they are just so convenient to make!
Then I plan to get out of the house for a walk every day for fresh air and to move my body – and I would imagine that on this basis I will lose around 200g – 400g a week.
I am also not a huge fan of calorie counting so I won’t be doing that but I will be eating regular and healthy snacks and making sure I always have healthy foods to munch on – especially for the night time feeds when I am always so ravenous!! You can see lots of snack ideas here too – plus I will bring you lots more ideas too.
Then if in a couple of months I feel I need to crank up the weight loss and exercise and I feel 100% ready then I can do that then. But for now it is all about me, bub, toddler, hubby and family and following everything we say every day on our Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans – rather than following a strict and restrictive diet – and slow and healthy weight loss will be a by product of this – as well as supporting my milk supply.
And I will be sure to bring you updates along the way too and all the healthy recipes I will be making to give you lots of ideas too.
Thank you to everyone for all the messages of congratulations and support – I appreciate all of them and thank you to the AMAZING mums who work as part of the Lose Baby Weight team and dedicate so much time and effort to making the plans, products and business what it is today.
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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