Mum of 2 Sharna has been following the healthy eating plan in the Winter Weightloss Challenge and is sharing her story about how it has helped her to overcome her battle with emotional eating.
sharnas_progress“My name is Sharna and I’m a foodaholic, in all seriousness though I have struggled almost all of my life with emotional eating. My story is a little long winded, but to give you an idea of why I have struggled over the years here is a little run down.
Basically as a late child-early teen I was overweight, discovered I had PCOS but I managed to lose the weight and felt amazing. I met my husband when I was 16 and we became hermits where I gained weight, had a baby and gained a little more weight. Then he proposed and I was on a mission, I lost 50kgs and became a PT and RPM instructor. I was on top of the world, but not for long….. 6 weeks later I was pregnant with baby number 2 and severely sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe morning sickness).
With both my pregnancies I lived on the bottom of my shower or in hospital on a drip from 5weeks till 1 week post birth. Once I had my little girl I could eat again, I could taste the air again and enjoy a fizzy drink if I wanted.
Despite wanting to desperately tone up and look like my pre-baby self, my food demons were on my shoulder begging me to stop depriving myself and to give in to temptation. Week after week I would deprive myself for days on 1200 calories and then binge non stop and it was the most shameful horrible experience which led to a 21kg gain. 
Every night I would go to bed and make the promise tomorrow would be different, I would make weight loss timelines that would motivate me to see that if I stuck to it I would be at my goal weight by X date, I continued to teach my RPM classes and use them as my motivation to keep going. Every time I would fail to keep my promises  I would fall deeper into my dark hole of sadness, I felt stranded.
I found Lose Baby Weight and signed up to the Winter challenge, I was ready to wipe the slate clean and learn something new. This something new was being kind to myself, being understanding that as a mum of two who is at uni full time and working part time that 1200 is likely to make me cranky and hungry. The just do it and no excuses may work for some but for others (myself included)  its a crash course set up for failure and disappointment.
I was shocked to see that the plan recommended I eat around 2100 calories a day and that despite the fact that I was still really fit, a lot of mums on the program were doing 15-30 minutes of exercise and still losing weight. I didn’t need to put the pressure on myself to do at least an hour-2 hours of hardcore exercise…. put simply I was burning myself out. 
The pic was me the day I started the challenge and the comparison is from this morning. Proof that just by being kind to yourself, eating what your body requires and a bit of dedication to your goals can get you. The beginning is by far the hardest!!
Your body is craving food, food in copious amounts and the fattier the better. Your mind plays tricks on you and is nasty, taunting you that you will definitely fail its just a matter of time. But ride it out, stay strong and you will get past it, the cravings settle/stop and the self belief shines through. You CAN do it and you absolutely DESERVE it. The number one thing you need to do is be kind to yourself. Just as we would want our children to be…..
Thank you Lose Baby Weight, from me and from all the other mums who needed a soft place to land so we could heal and begin grow and shine again. 
Sharna xxx”
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