Hi guys! I’m so excited to have been chosen as a motivating Mum for May!
I’m Kelly, I am now 26.3kg down from December 2014 and loving the changes that I’ve made thanks to Lose Baby Weight!
Lose Baby Weight- 26kg Loss
I’ve been overweight my entire adult life. There were many times in the past where I have half heartedly ‘tried’ to lose weight. This time is different- this time, I’ve got the knowledge, resources and support to succeed, and succeed I am!
I have six beautiful/naughty/amazing/tiring/awesome kids. Changing the eating habits of a large family has been quite a challenge!
The Lose Baby Weight website and 28 day weightloss challenges offer me so many options that I can pick and choose from to fit in to my already hectic life.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I can stick with the meal plan in the challenge hub or select from the hundreds of recipes on the website.
Most of the recipes that I find on the site and in the challenge hub are family friendly which is fantastic and makes life that much easier!
I generally do a mix and love the diversity! My kids love the meals that I’ve made for them (especially the Mexican lasagne!!) and I love knowing exactly what I’m feeding my family.
I am so excited for the May BELLY BUSTER challenge. Not only does it start on one of the best days of the year (massive Star Wars fans in this house!) but it is focusing on my least favourite body part!
My belly after 6 kids, including twins (via c-section) and big babies on top of weight gain is looking quite sad. I’m geared up to give it a blasting – cannot wait to see the progress!
One of the things that I often struggle with is exercise.
I can easily and consistently get out of the house to walk/jog while hubby looks after the kids but doing exercises at home with kids climbing on me isn’t my strong suit.
So, one of my goals for May is to stick with all of the challenge exercises – I’ll be posting about my efforts daily, so keep me honest!
I still have another 30ish kilos to lose but I’ll get there and I’m truly enjoying the journey!
I am much more active than I’ve ever been in my life and my kids and hubby benefit immensely from that!
I’m not tired and cranky old me, I’m happier and loving life and family all the more!!
I can’t wait to hear your stories and journeys!!
Kelly xxx
And you can join Kelly and 1000’s of other mum’s in the May Belly Buster 28 Day Weightloss Challenge here.
Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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