Hello!!! My name is Kierra and I have lost 22kgs* with Lose Baby Weight and am one of your motivating mums for March!
Lose Baby Weight-22kg Loss

I am a mummy of four beautiful children and have been struggling with my weight since my first pregnancy… After the birth of my fourth child (at 125 + kgs) I found the Lose Baby Weight page and just knew it was the way for me!
I started having the Healthy Mummy smoothies for breakfast and lunch and joined in on the challenges at the end of 2014.
lose baby weight
I found the challenges so easy to follow, but not only that they WORKED. The weight started to drop, I managed to get under 100kg by the start of 2015.
Unfortunately due to life stress I was unable to mentally continue on the weight loss journey come early 2015.
I had started studying Midwifery full-time when my youngest was 6 months old and breastfeeding. Trying to balance children, life, breastfeeding and university demands I found it hard to focus on weight loss. My son is breastfeeding still now at 19mths old.
However, once I got through my first semester, I realised I had GAINED 8kgs!!! Enough was enough.
I came running back to the Healthy Mummy page seeking motivation and advice.
I knew there was no way I could cope with shift work, as well as the physical needs of being a Midwife at the size I was (107.8kgs) so in JULY 2015, I decided to make a change, there was no going back. I bought the Healthy Mummy DVD and started using the free recipes!
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I started seeing results straight away! I have since signed up to the challenges! By the time my clinical prac came along, I had lost a fair amount of weight, but not only that my stamina and fitness had improved tenfold, I am currently 85.8kgs.
Lose Baby Weight has taught me that this isn’t about dieting, it is about living a healthy life and being the healthiest version of myself I can be!
My end goal is in sight and there is just no going back.
The challenges are amazing because I can cook extra at dinner, then freeze for my shifts and university days.
I love how easy it is to fit in the exercise needed each day to feel healthy and strong. I also love how if I am having a busy week, I am not required to meal plan if I am unable to, I can just print the shopping list and away I go!
I cannot thank the Lose Baby Weight team enough for coming up with such amazing products and plans for us busy mums!
Kierra xx
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

Mums lose an average of 4-6kg* (8-13 pounds*) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
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Lauren Lost 11kgs* with the 28 Day Challenges
Lose Baby Weight- 11.9kg Loss
Lauren says: “That was, until I started my first 28 day challenge in July 2015.
I have managed to lose 7.9kg over three challenges and have gained so much knowledge about healthy eating.
With the help and support of the Lose Baby Weight team and all the mums in the private support group, I am now only 1.7kg from my goal weight.”
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