Hi, I’m Katrina, one of the motivating mums for the countdown to summer.
I am a mum of two and have lost 15kg following the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Challenge.
Lose Baby Weight-15kg Loss

I had a big milestone this past week – my youngest turned 1!
This past year has been really tough for me. I’ve struggled becoming a mum of two, mainly because I’m so tired so often!
I’ve been following the 28 Day Challenge plans since my youngest was five months old, and I’ve got to say that planning is so important to get through the tough days.
If your fridge and pantry are stocked up with the food in your meal plan, it makes your food choices on those tough days much easier.
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I’ve also learnt not to try to do too much on days when it’s just me and the kids at home.
Okay, I still fail at that one sometimes because often what you think is simple (just running a few errands at the shops or making some muffins) can often be much harder when you have two little people to take care of as well.
Besides having my daughter’s first birthday this past week, we also had a good friends sixth birthday to celebrate and I spent a day at my mum’s.
All of this means that my eating hasn’t been spot on. But you know what? This is life.
I don’t feel like I need to be super healthy all the time. Eating cake on my daughter’s birthday (and for a few days afterwards), is okay.
Enjoying a meal made by friends or my mum is fine – even if it might be a little over my usual calorie count.
Being a motivating mum for the summer countdown is really motivating for me.
I feel like I am generally making good choices, and as the weather warms up and I’m having to dig to the back of the wardrobe and find my summer clothes from two years ago, I’m feeling really motivated to keep up this healthy living.
I’ve had a little setback with my exercise with some sore spots flaring up, so I’ve been doing more walking combined with just a few of the challenge exercises and pilates.
Building up my fitness again after having my daughter has been VERY slow but I know I can do it – eventually.
It’s really important to listen to your body, even if it means you are going at turtles pace.
P.s. I’ve written ‘more than 15kg’ as I’d lost 15kg when I last checked my scales a few months ago but can feel I’ve lost more since then.
Maybe at the end of the countdown I’ll take a peep at the actual number.
Katrina xx
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Jodie Lost 35kgs* with the 28 Day Challenge 
Lose Baby Weight-35kg loss
Jodie says: “I found the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to be easy and fun to use.
The recipes were delicious and the daily exercises were always challenging. I loved the online tracking tools, and the support of the Lose Baby Weight community kept me motivated.
I love it all!”
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