Sometimes when you are going to be out and about, it’s all too easy to fall prey to less than healthy snacks. You might see a cake at the café, or perhaps an ice cream at the beach is too hard to resist.
The best option when you know you won’t be home is to pack yourself a healthy lunchbox so that you don’t feel as though you’re missing out.

You can pack kid-friendly snacks too which will keep everyone happy.
Try some of these ideas from our Challenge Hub. Just visit the hub and type in the name of the recipe you are looking for.

Bliss Balls

healthy_eatingThese sweet treats feel indulgent yet are packed with healthy fruits and nuts.
You can even keep them in the freezer so they are still nice and chilled when you get to the playground.
Try our Strawberry Nut Balls or these tasty Chocolate Bliss Balls.


Always a favourite with kids, and very nice with a cuppa for mum, these Pear, Date and Zucchini Muffins can go straight from the oven to your bag.
Try keeping some of these Raspberry Muffins on hand in the freezer, then just defrost overnight on the bench or in the microwave.

Crunchy Treats

healthy_eatingKids love crunch and they will adore these healthy options that you can make at home and pop into a plastic tub for the car or pram.
Whether it’s Smoky Chickpeas or Coconut and Cinnamon Popcorn, these keep well at home until they’re ready to be eaten.


Instead of the commercial packs of dip and crackers, make your own healthy versions at home.
Not only are homemade dips a lot cheaper, they also avoid nasty preservatives and additives.
This Semi Dried Tomato Dip is great with some rice crackers or carrot sticks. For a sweet option, pull out this Yoghurt Dip With Apple.

Rice Cakes

healthy_eatingA great snack that transports well without getting squashed, you can get some very healthy rice cakes these days (even brown rice or quinoa options).
Check the ingredients and make sure they only contain basic ingredients (no additives) and then you can top them with a healthy and filling spread.
We love these Rice Cakes With Avocado and Cheese or for something a bit different, try this Spicy Bean Dip With Thin Rice Cakes.
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