move your bodyThe key to pregnancy weight loss is movement. Yes, you need to move your body and it  doesn’t really matter how. Activity is the key. Our bodies love it.
Unfortunately, if we haven’t been active for a long time our bodies get stiff and lazy and it feels really hard to get going. And if we push TOO hard when we are beginning, we could pull a muscle which puts us back at square one.
The trick to weight loss exercise is to start something safely and smartly. A good plan will work on increasing your endurance, your flexibility and your strength over time.
Our 28 day diet & exercise plan is designed to take the guesswork out of how to get moving. Over the month you will get off the couch and get healthy and happy again. We can guarantee it.
But even if you want to do it yourself, just find something fun that gets your heart rate up, the key is to push yourself to a point where you can talk, but you’re a bit out of breath. If it starts feeling easy, that’s great… BUT… that means its time to either go faster, longer, or harder… or all three! Our bodies love moving so much that it gets really good at it, which means our calorie spend can go down unless we are always pushing that little bit more.
And when you break out into a sweat the best thing is that you know it’s a step closer to your pregnancy weight loss.