Lose your pregnancy weight

Keep motivated in losing your baby weight

Keeping motivated whilst losing your baby weight is one of the toughest obstacles to over come and it is barrier that needs to be broken in order to achieve success. Many mums have different motivations and we advise you to really think about what yours is then print it off along with an image of what your words represent and carry it with you at ALL times so when you are feeling tempted to fall off the lose baby weight wagon you can take a quick look at your motivation goal and feel reinvigorated and focused on your weight loss.
Here are some real mums’ reasons for them wanting to lose their baby weight – is your motivation for losing your baby weight and belly fat here?
• “I wanna feel like me again, not just Fraser’s mummy. Also to look good for my wonderful hubby, even though he loves me just as I am” – Clare, WA
• “I want to loose my baby weight so I feel trim and terrific again. So I can be a “yummy thin mummy” – Alana, NSW • “My baby is now a year old, and I’m on a mission to lose weight to become a better mother, wife, person and be happy with myself! I’ve set myself a massive goal and have 2 years to reach it, because in two years time, we’re ‘celebrating our marriage’ again in front of 30 of our favourite friends/family and renewing our vows, and I want to be the perfect, slime bride, instead of the fat, pregnant one I was last time!” Rebecca, QLD
• “I have just had baby no 3 and he is 11wks old. I need to lose my weight at a rapid rate as I go back to work Nov 2010, Have my baby brothers wedding Dec 2010, girlfriends wedding Nov 2010 and my sons christening Oct 31st 2010. I need to fit back into my work clothes and not be so overweight for all the functions I need to attend. Lack of finances at the time of unpaid maternity leave restricts me from having the convenience of buying new clothes so I need to make do with what I have.” Jennifer
• “I want to loose my baby weight so when my little tiger is running around no stop I have the energy to chase him and not stop because I’m overweight and tired all the time. I want to have the energy to keep up with him and enjoy life to the fullest with him” Leanne
• ” I want to lose my baby weight because im getting married in 12 mths and want to too super hot LOL!!! I also want to lose it so I can fit back into my pre baby weight clothes im sick of wearing sweat pants 2 children in as many years does not to wonders for your body! And I want to be healthier to teach my children good habbits for when they are older” Amie, QLD
• “I would love to lose my baby weight as I would love to fit into my nice jeans again and wear a t-shirt without having to hide my tummy!”Kate, NSW
• ‘I have two very energetic little boys who run everywhere. I really want to loose those extra kilos so that I’m fitter and able to keep up with my beautiful boys. Another reason is I’m a single mother and a stay at home mum. I really can’t afford a new wardrobe. I would love to be able to fit into my pre second baby clothes by summer, saving heaps of money and looking great”, Christina
• “I want to wake in the morning and feel energized and blessed with everything surrounding me – this seems hindered by my struggle to loose my baby weight!” Dee, WA

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