Motivating Mum Tyarna Robinson has lost an incredible 20kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her end of month blog.

Hi again Lovely Ladies 🙂
Well I can’t believe this is my last blog as Motivating Mum, and the last week of the 28 Day Challenge.
It has been a really great month for me. I have enjoyed this challenge so much, in particular the food. It has pushed me outside my comfort zone and I’m so glad it did. It has been a delicious month 🙂
I’ve had quite a tough time the last couple of weeks of the challenge with the reality of my first born starting prep setting in. I have been quite emotional and my drive to exercise gradually went down hill as a result, not stopping completely, but not as active as usual. One thing that remained the same though was my eating. Fresh. Clean. And stuck to my recommended daily calorie intake. As a result, I was still able to successfully lose 3.8kg for the month of January and many centimetres, bringing my total weightloss to over 20kg.
Through being on the Lose Baby Weight products and 28 Day Challenges, it has taught me just how important your diet is to your success. How it ranks above exercise. If it wasn’t for all the information that Lose Baby Weight provides throughout the challenge, and on the website, and the wonderful support on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook Support Group, I would have failed miserably these past couple of weeks. The love I now have for wholesome, nutrient dense food, that isn’t jam packed full of fat or sugar, is mind blowing.
I am now so excited for the March 28 day challenge to roll round. To learn more exciting food combinations, and push my body to become the fittest it possibly can. With the help and support from this amazing business and online community, I know I am capable of great things 🙂
I hope you all did wonderfully well this month, and enjoyed it as much as I have. It has been a great pleasure being apart of Motivating Mum this month, and I can’t thank Rhian and the Lose Baby Weight Team enough for my new found confidence, not only within myself, but my cooking ability as well. As they say, you must keep your body guessing to see optimal results, and that’s just what I’ve done.
It has been a great pleasure being a part of Motivating Mum this month. I hope you all have a great month “off”. Continue working hard and smashing goals. I look forward to watching you continued success 🙂
Tyarna x
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