Motivating Mum Tiffany Scholes has lost over an amazing 12kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her tips on getting out there.

Hi to my fellow Lose Baby Weight Mummies,
Hope everyone is enjoying the 28 Day Challenge & Michaela’s 100 Day Challenge? I sure am! These two Challenges keep me accountable to stay on track majority of the time.
This is my ‘end of the month blog’ as a Motivating Mum. And I’d like to aim a shout out to the more ”CUDDLY WOMEN” first, to remind you that you are not doing your weight loss journey alone. Don’t feel the need to stand in the corner and hide from the world, don’t feel as though you need to keep your journey a secret-because the simple fact is ~YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!
Majority of friends and family will cheer you on, I know how it feels to be in your shoes, as I was in the 3 digits and even now in doubles, I’m still super cuddly and curvy. Don’t feel as though you cant go to a gym or bootcamp classes or even just walking outside alone, because of the fear you may hold-
EG –
I’ll be the fattest one there
People will stare at me
People will laugh at me
What if i cant keep up?
Just take the leap and get out there, make yourself happy again, find the inner you, learn to love yourself, make your body what you want it to be, fuel your body with good nutritious foods and add some exercise. It will make every living day seem worth it, because it is and you are!
No matter what size, gender,race or colour, everyone has some kind of journey and your journey alone is exactly that-YOURS! Its what you make it, yes you will have to do the hard yards, yes it will be exhausting and time consuming, but once you keep going, it gets easier.
The support from the Lose Baby Weight/Healthy Mummy Facebook Group has helped me 100%, I didn’t tell anyone about the start of my weight loss journey until my 6th month or so as I just couldn’t overcome the fear of negativity from people, but I’ve done it, I’ve kept at it, I’ve posted my progress shots on my personal fb page and I have nothing except, love, support, encouragement and proud friends & family!! That is making me more determined every day. I don’t hide it, I don’t dwell on anything anymore, I’m happy, content and super dooper proud of my achievements!!!
But in all honesty, blasting it out to the world about my own journey is the best thing I’ve ever did, the amount of praise from loved ones actually helps you in some kind of way to push yourself that little bit harder to making your own dreams complete!! And if I can even get this far, anyone can-who cares if your in triple or double digits on the scales, that’s just a number and it cant beat your feelings or motivation if you don’t allow it to! Be strong, be brave, be you!! That’s what will get you from A-B.
Much love xx
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